About Us

The right people. The right technology. The right processes.

Our Company

Headquartered in Chicagoland in the NW suburb of Palatine,IL, Global Verification Network positively impacts the screening experience for a growing number of organizations nationally. Owing to our new staff, new technology and purposeful hiring of “A” level talent, Global Verification Network boasts a growing list of delighted clients, including several in the Fortune 500. The underlying basis for this success is organizational leadership that understands that people, process and product, when properly combined, make all the difference!

Our Technology

The Global Verification Network platform is built to host and supply a wide array of services to our clients. By design, it is scalable, durable and adaptable. One of the benefits of such design is that integration with other systems (e.g., recruiting technology) is achieved quickly and remains stable throughout the lifespan of the integration.

Our Processes

Global Verification Network deploys lean methodologies that drive and promote efficient and effective processes. These processes increase efficiency, decrease waste, and use empirical methods to decide what matters. The natural and intended benefit of such a program is the delivery of services that are faster, less costly and encounter fewer errors.

Our People

While the investigations/screening industry is a technology-driven service, that service falls short without the right people driving it.

Global Verification Network supports the single-point-of-contact model, which optimizes the success of both an evolving and established business relationship. Global Verification Network is comprised of experienced investigators who are supported by a leadership team that has 65 combined years in heavily regulated business environments (35+ in the screening/investigations industry).

Every member of the Global Verification Network team is certified in the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) through the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS) holding at least a Basic Level certification. In addition, Christian Moore (COO), and Colette Pomella (Director of Operations & Investigations) have received the prestigious FCRA Advanced Certification through the NAPBS, a distinction held by fewer than 1% of all professional background screeners. Global Verification Network is the only company in the country whereby every member of the company is certified to be proficient in understanding and interpreting the FCRA as it applies to employment background checks.

Our Core Values

Unparalleled Customer Service

An integral part of our value proposition resides in the relationship between Global Verification Network and its customers. The Global Verification Network team members are empowered to be proactive in offering solutions that assist employers in making informed hiring and retention decisions. Our customer-centric philosophy drives us to discover solutions to all problems we unearth.

Quality First

GLOBAL VERIFICATION NETWORK ensures the quality of its vendors and data by employing a rigorous vetting process. We back up this process with continuous internal improvement programs, regular audits of vendors and Global Verification Network screening reports.

Focus on Compliance

Whether local, state or federal guidelines/statutes are involved, Global Verification Network is laser-focused on maintaining a compliant screening program. Being 100% compliant is essential to our process. Global Verification Network works collaboratively with its partners to ensure that all services and products are fully compliant with all state and federal laws and the agencies empowered to enforce those laws.

Custom Screening Solutions Create Value

Each client’s needs are unique. We take the time to assess our customers’ current programs and provide the guidance and education needed to formulate solutions that assist in the appropriate level of risk mitigation. Integrations and customizations within HRIS (human resource information system) and ATS (applicant tracking system) software architectures are part of the Global Verification Network suite of products and services. Purchasing the correct screening services optimizes HR resources.

Our History

On January 1, 2016, the assets of RedRidge Verification Services (RVS) were transferred to the ownership of P2 Verification Services LLC DBA Global Verification Network (GVN). All existing RVS personnel have been retained and/or promoted by GVN and will continue to service your account with the same dedication, caring and professionalism that you have come to know and love over the course of the preceding three years.

As a result of the ownership transfer, we are excited to welcome our new CEO, Mark Buchmann, who joins us after having spent the past several years working as a member of the RedRidge Finance Group team. Mark has been a part of RVS since its earliest stages. He helped RVS establish a foothold in the screening industry before moving on to RedRidge Capital Advisors and other, more progressively responsible roles within the RedRidge portfolio of companies. As a proud U.S. Navy veteran, Mark brings many of the life and leadership lessons learned during his six years of service to the GVN team. Mark is excited to apply his military, business and academic experiences to serving each and every one of you! As we begin the next phase of our rapidly progressing growth and development, you will begin to see some of the more noticeable changes in the rebranding of our company, from our marketing materials and our website to our monthly invoices and other account-related documents. We will do our best throughout the rebranding process to minimize any disruptions so that nothing interferes with your ongoing business operations. We expect that all rebranding efforts will be completed in a timely and organized fashion (by the end of Q1, FY16) with exceptions for those clients who can’t make such changes in their systems until the end of their own fiscal year due to their contractual and other legal obligations.

First and foremost, we are an organization designed and dedicated to providing a superior level of customer service — and it is our heartfelt desire to carry this unwavering foundational core principle forward, no matter what our name may be! We are grateful for your business and we are humbled that you have chosen to put your faith and trust in us to deliver your screening, vetting and investigative services.

With sincere thanks and respect,

Christian A. Moore, MBA, LPI
Chief Operating Officer
Global Verification Network

Our Story

Global Verification Network was born at the crossroads where fiscal responsibility and expert due diligence meet sound investigative principles and peerless customer service. Global Verification Network (GVN) provides custom screening solutions which helps organizations mitigate risk. While focused on sound investigative methodologies, GVN is also attuned to the unique business requirements of its customers and strives to achieve cost and screening process efficiencies which enable its clients to deploy effective and fully compliant screening programs.

Formerly known as RedRidge Verification Services, (a RedRidge Finance Group company), Global Verification Network represents the next step in our evolution from de novo startup to mature, service focused international business. In addition to employment and tenant screening, GVN provides expert due diligence for institutions seeking to gain valuable insights on particular individuals or entities. Typically these investigative assignments are digital in nature and are focused on key individuals or influencers within an organization.

Global Verification Network is an expert in providing rigorous background screening for niche companies who are in need of expert investigations which move at the speed of business, particularly in social commerce, peer-to-peer, business-to-consumer, alternative finance, and the EB-5 Visa Program arenas. Our offerings combine the right products, processes, and people into a scalable, revenue enhancing service offering which protects the bottom line.