Building Client Relationships

One industry at a time

Whom do We Serve?

We serve YOU. You are the focus of everything we do. When you work with Global Verification Network you gain a trusted partner in background screening. Our clients consider us a valuable member of their human resources team, and this is a reflection on the way we do business.

We also serve your applicants. We champion your brand by creating an excellent experience for each client’s applicants. Global Verification Network is laser-focused on providing a “WOW!” experience to your entire candidate pool. How do we do this? We treat the applicant with respect and dignity, from the initial screening through the on-boarding process. The screening process reflects on you, our client, and we want that reflection to be a positive one.

Which Industries do We Serve?

Global customizes screening and investigative solutions for organizations in a wide range of industries. We understand that each industry is governed by specific rules and regulations, and we design solutions that are in compliance with those requirements. Check out the services we offer for your industry!