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Why Do a Rental Background Check?

Whether you have one rental property or manage a multistory building, it’s important to have renters you can trust to pay the rent on time, protect your property, and act as good citizens. If a tenant harms or injures another renter, you could be held legally liable.

You must check potential applicants against the terrorist database, sex offender registry, and for damaging background information, such as a history of evictions. Tenant background check services allow you to verify that an applicant is presenting himself or herself truthfully, so you can make an informed decision on whether to rent to someone. Rather than hope nothing will go wrong, take a proactive investigative measure to protect yourself from a bad decision with tenant check services. Since the cost can be passed on to rental applicants, there’s no risk to invest in our tenant screening services for landlords.

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The Consequences of Skipping a Tenant Credit Check

If you rent to someone who has subpar credit, you risk spending precious time chasing that person down for rent. Partial or late rent payments affect your ability to pay your bills and meet your obligations — they’re simply unacceptable. Yet you leave yourself open to these sorts of behaviors when foregoing a landlord-ordered rental background check as part of the application process. Wouldn’t you rather know whether someone had financial problems so you can avoid taking that person on as a tenant than find out the hard way, and wind up going through the eviction process?

By doing a tenant credit and background check for renters as part of the application, you can discourage tenants who know their credit is bad from applying for your apartment. Checking credit sends a message that you are strict about who can rent your units, and that you won’t accept late rent. Tenants with other problems in their past, such as a prior eviction or an arrest, may avoid your rentals, too. These applicants want to hide their past from their landlord and avoid the risk of getting found out through a credit check.

How Tenant Screening Protects Your Investment

If you own rental properties, you know that it’s in your best interest to rent to individuals who care about your apartment and treat it the way you do — with respect. Screening renters with a tenant background check uncovers potential problems, such as a drug abuse history or known terrorist activity. It’s simply not safe for you to expose other people who rent from you to a potentially dangerous individual, nor is it safe for your investment property. You could wind up paying out of pocket for extensive property damage or initiating a lawsuit to recover the expenses if a renter damages your property. Checking a tenant’s credit and background helps you discover red flags before you have a signed lease in hand.

Why Choose Global Verification Network As Your Tenant Screening Services Company?

Our goal is to help you fill your properties with good tenants — simply and quickly. Global Verification Network offers the latest in property management technology with QuickLease Pro, an easily configurable, user-friendly, applicant-tracking software system for tenant verification. Here are a few of the most important tenant check tools we put in your hands:

  • Highly Configurable Application Forms.Our FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) and E-Signature-compliant forms are customizable to your needs. Embed the link to your online application anywhere you choose, such as your website or other preferred Internet listing service.

  • Generate Pre-Filled Leases. After uploading your lease form, you can use pre-entered data to automatically generate a new contract for each applicant.

  • Automated Notifications. Automatic email notifications provide real-time feedback on each applicant’s status as he or she progresses through the tenant background search process.

  • Simple Applicant-Tracking Tools. View or print applications, review tenant credit and background check reports, make decisions, and manage documents all in one user-friendly system. The QuickLease Pro responsive design is optimized for mobile, tablet and laptop devices, so you can make decisions wherever you go.

  • Customizable Payment Options. You choose whether applicants can pay online or by debit/credit card.

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