Employment Screening Services For The Hospitality & Entertainment Industry

Guest satisfaction is vital to success in the hospitality industry. How do you help ensure your guests have a positive experience? A well-trained, highly qualified staff is the key to guest satisfaction because your employees have the greatest interaction with your guests. So be sure to hire only the best candidates for the job.

Global Verification Network understands the unique safety risks inherent in the hospitality industry. Employees have access to guests’ credit data, rooms, personal property and even their food. Managers must be aware of the possibility of theft, violence and the all-too-real threat of negligent-hiring lawsuits. Global Verification Network helps you mitigate these risks by hiring the right people in the first place. Our menu of hospitality employment screening services can help.

Hospitality Industry Background Checks

At Global Verification Network, our hospitality background check services equip you with the tools and information you need to avoid risks associated with unfortunate hiring selections for the hospitality and entertainment industry.

We may screen the following:

  • Food service positions
  • Customer service and other customer-facing positions
  • Management positions
  • Entertainment positions
  • Driver and delivery positions

With a Global Verification Network employment screening services report, hospitality and entertainment hiring personnel gain access to a variety of valuable information about employment candidates — including employment and educational history, criminal records, name aliases, previous residential addresses and other biographical details. We provide you with highly accurate and current information, and our screening procedures comply fully with Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) background check requirements.

Verification Services for The Hospitality & Entertainment Industry

Let Global Verification Network tailor a comprehensive employee screening program that meets your specific requirements and reduces the risks to your guests, employees and property.

Our screening services include:
  • Background Checks. Hospitality verification services focus on a candidate’s personal and professional records to find out if he or she has a criminal history of any kind. These employment screenings also provide information about the person’s education, such as where the candidate attended college and the type of degree earned.

  • Drivers Records Search. Many times, hotels offer shuttle or limousine services while restaurants may provide valet services. It is crucial for hospitality and entertainment employers to learn information, such as whether the candidate has had a suspended or revoked license; three or more moving violations in the last 36 months; any violations including drugs, alcohol or controlled substances within the past 24 months; and other violations that could signal high risk for a business.

  • Drug Tests. The hospitality industry’s primary focus is creating a safe, warm and comfortable environment for guests. Premier customer service is a key component in creating, maintaining and nurturing such an atmosphere. Since hotel employees, restaurant wait staff and management deal directly with guests, it is important that they are in top form at all times. Many hospitality-based businesses establish strict drug and alcohol policies in the workplace. Initial and random drug tests can help businesses avoid issues such as lost productivity, absenteeism, property damage, poor performance, theft, injuries and low employee morale.

  • Social Security Search. A Social Security search is important in helping employers identify jurisdictional information used for criminal record searches. Based on information found in credit header reports, these searches tap into information such as prior residences and addresses.

  • Criminal History Searches. The effort to create and foster a harmonious environment in a hotel or restaurant largely relies on the integrity of employees. A criminal history search arms hiring managers with valuable information as to whether a job candidate was ever involved with theft, sexual harassment, identity theft, fraud, physical violence and drug use.

  • Sex Offender Searches. A sex offender search is essential in the hospitality industry. Guests staying in a hotel, bed-and-breakfast or resort expect to feel safe and comfortable at all times. Our team searches one of three places for up to level-three sex offenders:

    • National Sex Offender Registry
    • Sex Offender Database
    • State Sex Offender Registries
  • Credit Reports. A less-than-stellar credit report may not indicate trouble with a job candidate, but it does help paint a more detailed picture. However, poor credit may lead to a sense of desperation that leads him or her to make further poor choices when tending to cash drawers or guests’ valuable belongings. A credit report simply offers hiring managers another piece of information to help make an informed hiring decision.

    Our team uses the candidate’s client-provided information such as full name, current and previous addresses, date of birth, known employers, and Social Security number to gather information about bank accounts, any loans, credit card accounts, bankruptcies and more.

Why Choose Global Verification Network?

When you select Global Verification Network as your partner in the hospitality employment background check process, you reduce the chances of making a costly hiring mistake that can harm team morale and your business reputation. Bad hires can also expose your organization to negligent hiring litigation.

By engaging in thorough candidate screening, you gain a number of advantages:

  • Verification of candidate credentials and biographical information
  • Enhanced safety and security for your employees, vendors and customers
  • Cost savings from reduced employee turnover
  • Ability to extend employment offers to exceptional candidates quickly

As one of the nation’s leading background screening providers serving the hospitality and entertainment industry, Global Verification Network enhances your ability to hire with confidence.

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