Background Checks And Employee Screening Services For Nonprofits

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Nonprofit and charitable organizations provide services to help improve the lives of others. To provide nonprofit services effectively, managers need to have a way of screening those candidates who will be working with these people who are often disenfranchised.

Background screening, including volunteer background checks, is a viable way to better ensure the professionals you hire are who they say they are. Protect the people you serve with your nonprofit, as well as your employees and reputation as a nonprofit provider with a screening solution designed for nonprofit legal services.

About Nonprofit Background Checks

As a nonprofit, you most likely depend on volunteerism for the majority of your labor force. While it can be difficult to find people willing to volunteer for your nonprofit, you must vet even your volunteers. This protects your service population, as well as the viability of your organization. Hiring an unsuspecting criminal can also lead to the loss of your organization’s credibility, undermining your purpose as a nonprofit.

Conducting volunteer background checks is a legal and protected way of vetting individuals in this capacity. However, there are laws that you must follow when screening potential volunteers. In addition, you must understand how your organization can be held liable if your volunteers conduct negligent behaviors while serving your nonprofit.

Volunteers are not the only individuals who need to be vetted prior to working with your nonprofit. Anyone involved in working with your nonprofit should be properly screened to better guarantee the safety of your service population. This protects your organization and your clients.

Choosing Nonprofit Screening Services

We also understand how to navigate nonprofit legal services. This way, your organization is conducting professional volunteer background screenings that comply with state and federal regulations

Global Verification Network offers background screening services for your nonprofit. Our volunteer background screenings help nonprofits avoid financial fraud, cybersecurity threats, physical abuse, drug use, theft and workplace violence.

Here is how we can help your nonprofit:

  • We provide national background searches including Social Security address and alias tracing services to look for identity theft.
  • We offer employment history and educational background verification to provide total transparency in the job history of potential employees and volunteers.
  • We conduct criminal history and sex offender searches to cross-check applicant information.

Other reports we can access include credit reports and motor vehicle records. Each of these screening methods is beneficial in helping you obtain a well-rounded account of potential employees and volunteers for your nonprofit. We also offer professional drug testing services for nonprofits that include pre-employment or volunteering drug screening, as well as drug testing for insurance purposes such as accidents in the workplace.

Why Choose Global Verification Network?

At Global Verification Network, we provide volunteer background screenings that meet the needs of nonprofit legal services. Our company serves nonprofits in Chicago, San Francisco, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Denver, Louisville and New York. Along with comprehensive nonprofit background screening, we conduct license, reference and international verifications, as well as due diligence services. Our vetting and investigative services are conducted by licensed and certified investigators.

By choosing Global Verification Network for your nonprofit background screening, you are able to focus on the more important tasks at hand — operating your nonprofit to the best of your ability. Our team supports your mission with USA-based investigative services.

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