The sharing economy is growing.

Background Checks & Screening Services For Technology & Social Commerce Companies

The sharing, or peer-to-peer, economy is growing rapidly. Social commerce businesses will continue to develop and grow only if buyers experience the sense of trust and safety that background checks provide. A social commerce employee screening creates credibility, which safeguards the company’s reputation and protects the public from harm.

Global Verification Network provides scalable, adaptable screening customized for peer-to-peer, sharing-economy businesses. Our cutting-edge screening technology — combined with a compliant and well-built, back-office screening infrastructure — protects customers and the public. Currently, we service a number of ride-sharing and social commerce companies nationwide, predominantly through web service or mobile application environments.

Technology & Social Commerce Industry Services

A comprehensive background screening solution helps you mitigate risk.

The following background checks should be performed on employees and service providers:

Technology & Social Commerce Jobs That Require Employee Screening Services

A successful social commerce business relies on the dedication and efforts of a varied crew of professionals in positions that may include the following:

  • IT lead or CIO
  • Data specialist
  • Digital marketing specialist
  • Customer service and social community representatives
  • Product and service managers
  • Operations analysts
  • Support engineers
  • Accounting/financial personnel
  • Field personnel responding to and fulfilling orders for car service, product delivery and more

Why Do Technology & Social Commerce Businesses Need the Benefits of Background Check Services More Than Ever?

As people increasingly rely on sharing-economy services, social commerce business owners need to hire even more qualified and trustworthy employees to keep up with demand.

Following are just a few of the value points that technology and social commerce business customers are looking for that high-quality employees help provide:

  • Easy user interface on each peer-to-peer platform
  • Friendly and effective customer and technical service
  • Better brand definition and product details in the sharing-economy environment
  • Fully vetted and top-rated field associates, such as drivers, who offer transportation or delivery service to the public

These value points require you to find and hire the right people with the right qualifications. Most importantly, your employees must have an immaculate record since many of them will work off-site, directly with members of the public and without supervision. It is vital to your business's reputation that you learn as much as possible about each candidate before hiring.

At Global Verification Network, our social commerce background check team will put your mind at ease. With our expertise, you gain access to critical candidate information — such as education verification, criminal record results and credit report data.

When we deliver a full report about your proposed candidate after completing our premier social commerce background check, you can hire with confidence.

Why Choose Global Verification Network?

When selecting Global Verification Network as your partner in the background check process, you benefit and protect your business in numerous ways:

  • Reduce hiring risks that may cost you in terms of team morale and business reputation
  • Avoid exposure to situations involving your employee that endanger customers and members of the public
  • Verify candidate credentials and biographical information
  • Maximize safety for your employees, customers and vendors
  • Hire employees who want to grow with your business
  • Extend employment offers to exceptional candidates quickly

Global Verification Network is one of the nation’s leading background screening providers serving the technology and social commerce industry.

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