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Like any business, your company needs to find the right employees to operate profitably and grow. Some small companies are run as family businesses, while in others, the employees work so closely that they function like a family. Your employees must be able to work together well and interact with your customers capably. Finding the right person for the job is critical; you cannot afford to make a bad hiring decision.

Candidates may look good on paper and they may say all the right things in an interview, but how do you know if there’s anything disqualifying in their background? Unlike the big players, your business may lack the financial resources to hire a reputable background screening company like Global Verification Network. That’s why we’re offering small businesses like yours a suitable and cost-effective option.

Trusted Results In Minutes, Not Days

In conjunction with TransUnion, Global Network Verification offers Shareable for Hires, a convenient pre-employment background check service geared to small business owners. This web-based, self-service resource delivers reliable, Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)-compliant background check results — easily and quickly.

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What Reports Do You Get?

Users receive the following:

  • National criminal report based on state and national criminal databases, most-wanted databases and FCRA-regulated state criminal reports
  • Detailed credit report, direct from TransUnion, that consists of FCRA-regulated data and is available online 24/7
  • Identity report that verifies name and address, social security number and date of birth information, and also includes any fraud alerts

Why Choose ShareAble for Hires?

This service is ideal for small businesses that screen as few as one or two employees and wish to avoid the hassle of signing up and setting up an account with a full-service screener. Additional benefits include:

  • Pay-as-you-go pricing with no hidden fees
  • Instantaneous online access and reports within minutes
  • Access to comprehensive credit and criminal history reports
  • Broad coverage with 230 million credit histories and 370 million criminal records
  • High-quality, FCRA-compliant reports
  • Ability to start screening immediately

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