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Why Do a Criminal Background Search?

At Global Verification Network, we believe that neglecting to conduct the best criminal records search of potential employees is foolhardy. Why? Because hiring the wrong person exposes your business to theft, violence and negligent-hiring lawsuits. A professionally conducted, comprehensive criminal screening helps your business remain safe and solvent. We offer the most accurate and thorough criminal background checks for employment in the business, customized to meet your business requirements.

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Why Global Verification Network as Your National Criminal Background Check Company?

Numerous rules and regulations govern the use of criminal history checks. Misuse of criminal record database information exposes your business to the risk of a lawsuit. Is the criminal record reportable? Do you have the correct information to make a hiring decision using criminal background information? Global Verification Network is the criminal record check company with the expertise and experience to conduct these checks legally and fairly.

While there are other criminal background check companies, Global Verification Network conducts the most robust criminal record check possible via physical and/or electronic methods. For several reasons, we recommend utilizing more than one type of criminal history check to get a complete picture of the applicant. Limiting the records search to a particular state or geographic area can result in missed information if a crime was committed in another area. And because the various jurisdictions in the U.S. don’t necessarily communicate with each other, you need to expand your background screening to encompass various types of governmental entities.

What are Our Sources of Criminal Background Information?

Global Verification Network offers the following types of criminal record services. In all cases, upon completion of the research, we verify and report all available felony and misdemeanor conviction records in accordance with the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), if applicable.

  • County Criminal Records. County records, which can date back seven years, are a comprehensive source for uncovering felonies and misdemeanors in more than 3,400 county courts in the U.S.

  • Federal Criminal Records. Crimes in a federal criminal record include offenses that are prosecuted in federal court. These include embezzlement, bank robbery, transportation of stolen goods, counterfeiting, tax evasion, mail and wire fraud, kidnapping and more.

  • Prohibited and Restricted Parties Search. This search yields the names of known terrorists, narcotics traffickers, illegal weapons traders, money launderers and people subject to an economic sanctions program. You cannot hire individuals whose names appear on this list.

  • Federal Bankruptcy Records. A search of these records is undertaken to identify applicants who have adjudicated cases of bankruptcy, because this may reveal a propensity for financial mismanagement.

  • Civil Upper and Lower Courts. Global Verification Network identifies individuals who have been involved in product liability, breach of contract and/or small claims lawsuits.

  • Retail Theft Database. Global Verification Network has access to a database of more than 500,000 records of employee theft and shoplifting. These incidents were submitted by 500 member companies and may not be available in public records.

  • State Criminal Records. We search state police records and/or state criminal records databases (as available) in the applicant’s state(s) of residence to uncover crimes committed by the applicant.

  • National Criminal Records. Our national criminal background check discloses crimes committed outside of the areas in which the applicant has lived. National records are a compilation of the criminal records from municipal, circuit, district and superior court repositories, as well as the Departments of Corrections, Bureaus of Investigations and more.

  • Sex Offender Registry Research. The National Sex Offender Registry (NSOR) is a national database of sexual offender records from all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. Global Verification Network is vigilant about verifying the accuracy of any registered sex offender record before reporting it.

  • Driving Records. Driving habits are subject to criminal recording, too. Serious driving-related incidents, such as DWI/DUI and reckless driving, are identified because an applicant’s unsafe driving can increase your risk.

  • International. We review the foreign background of a potential hire, or conduct international searches to help you evaluate applicants for your organization’s global locations.

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