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If your company requires licensed professionals to perform specific work, comprehensive license verification should play a key role in your pre-employment vetting process. By conducting professional license verification, you ensure that applicants hold the licenses they claim and that credentials are up to date.

Verifying credentials in-house can pose challenges; for instance, a government agency may not have a complete history of any violations or restrictions affecting an applicant’s license. By working with a professional employment screening firm, you take an important step toward protecting your business from liability claims that can arise from failing to meet licensing requirements.

Human resources representatives and many other professionals depend on a professional license check to vet individuals they are considering for a job or for other reasons. This can ensure that the candidate has not misrepresented his or her credentials during the application process and that his or her qualifications are the best fit for the position in question.

The basic information revealed through this process includes the type of license and its current status, when it was issued, when it will expire, any details about sanctions, and the license’s identification numbers. Any gaps or discrepancies that are turned up also are brought to the employer’s attention.

Why Are License Verifications so Important?

Professional certifications and licenses help ensure that professionals across a range of fields hold the necessary qualifications to engage in highly specialized work. Licensing helps protect the public from individuals who might offer professional services without gaining the proper education and experience.

Hiring individuals who do not have the proper licenses for specific roles can endanger your employees, customers and vendors. Further, it can damage the reputation of your business and increase the risk of legal action and penalties.

Among any applicant pool, some individuals will give false information – including documentation of licensure. In addition, proof of a valid license may not reveal whether restrictions or suspensions exist. To reduce unnecessary risk, work with an experienced screening company to verify professional licenses.

Why Choose Global Verification Network?

Choosing us to verify a license allows employers to confirm that applicants have earned – and continue to maintain – the required licenses for their job duties. In addition to verifying licensure at the time of hiring, many employers use verification services periodically to confirm that employees continue to meet certification requirements. By working with a license and certification verification service, you can confirm that applicants have the current, required credentials for specific positions in your organization.

Global Verification Network assists business owners in establishing the validity of professional licenses and certifications. Our online professional license verification services can confirm any professional credentials and applicant lists – including certification and licensing for medical professionals, lawyers, teachers, engineers, certified public accountants, pilots and others – and alert you to any restrictions or violations.

What types of licenses can Global Verification Network research and confirm?
  • Medical License Verification. Physicians are subject to strict licensing requirements in the United States and around the world. Only individuals with valid medical licenses – granted through government-sanctioned medical boards or government agencies – may engage in the practice of medicine. In addition, holding a medical degree from a reputable university does not guarantee that a graduate has earned a medical license for a specific jurisdiction.

  • Nursing License Verification. Nurses also must receive appropriate licensure after graduation from an accredited nursing program. Holding a degree is not a substitute for certification. A regulatory body – such as a board of nursing – grants licensure for nurses.

    Different levels of nursing licenses grant authority to hold specific jobs and perform certain duties. Certified nursing assistants, licensed practical nurses and registered nurses require different levels of training and certification.

  • Dental License Verification. Like doctors and nurses, dentists also must earn appropriate licensure after completing their dental education. At the state level, boards of dentistry often use state or regional testing agencies to conduct exams and convey certification credentials.

  • Professional License Verification. A variety of professional fields require licensing to carry out job duties. For example, engineers, pilots, attorneys, certified public accountants, teachers, cosmetologists and others must be licensed appropriately. Requirements for continuing education and keeping licenses current vary among professions.

  • Driving License Verification. Many types of businesses employ drivers for a range of tasks. Truckers, delivery drivers, chauffeurs and others require valid driving credentials. Some jobs require specialized driver’s licenses. In other cases, drivers work with fragile and at-risk populations – including senior citizens, young children and hospital patients. They also may operate large vehicles, including big rigs, that can put the public at risk. They may also transport highly valuable cargo that can result in significant economic damage if lost in an accident.

    Driving license verification is a critical step in the pre-employment screening process for any employees who drive on behalf of your company. Before you make a hire, you should know whether an applicant has a valid license and has a history of speeding, driving while impaired and other offenses. You also should verify driving credentials on a periodic basis to ensure that employees continue to hold a license in good standing.

    For organizations that employ licensed professionals, credential verification should play a key role in pre-employment and periodic post-employment screening. 

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