Employment Background Screening & Verifications

Pre-Employment Screening

Pre-employment screening is the process of verifying past employment, education, criminal history and other biographical details of prospective employees.

Also known as background checks or background screening, pre-employment screening helps you verify credentials before committing to the significant expense of adding a candidate to your team.

The information included in a pre-employment background check varies depending on the specific position to be filled, your company’s policies, the type of business and other factors. In most cases, the employment screening process includes a check of references as well as records relating to education, past employment and criminal record.

Why Is Pre-Employment Screening Important?

Three-quarters of employers report having hired the wrong candidate at an average cost of almost $17,000. By making pre-employment screening part of your hiring process, you reduce the risk of a bad hire.

Bringing the wrong employee into your company can prove costly in terms of morale, turnover and workplace security. You and other managers and team members may spend many hours on orientation and training of an individual who is not the right choice for your company. When the hire turns out to a bad one, you may find yourself repeating this costly process.

A bad hire also can result in litigation for negligent hiring, which can drain your financial resources, damage your reputation and harm morale among your employees.

Once you make a hire, that individual represents your company to vendors and members of the public. The wrong person can significantly impact the productivity and job satisfaction of other members of your team.

Thoroughly screening employment candidates helps you avoid making costly mistakes.

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Detecting False Information

If you simply trust the information that job seekers provide, you may make serious hiring errors that can harm your business. Research has found that nearly 60 percent of hiring managers have found false information on a resume.

As the job market has continued to become more competitive, an increasing number of employers report seeing exaggerations and embellishment on resumes and job applications. Most hiring managers would not want to onboard an individual who would lie during the hiring process, since trust is so important in the relationship between an employer and employee.

In addition, hiring an individual with a criminal history — and especially a history of violent incidents — potentially puts your team members, customers and visitors to your worksite in danger. If an adverse event occurs because an employee was not thoroughly vetted and someone is hurt, you could have liability.

Employment Verification Background Check From Global Verification Network

On average, pre-employment screening takes approximately two to three business days. Timing depends on the specific services your organization requires.

Global Verification Network provides a comprehensive range of services for thorough employment screenings.

Criminal Background Checks

One of the most important searches in employment screening is a criminal background check. By adequately investigating criminal records, you help protect your company from litigation related to negligent hiring claims.

Information about criminal history comes from numerous types of records, depending on the specific needs of your organization and the requirements of the position for which you are hiring. Global Verification Network searches at the local, state, national and international levels, as needed. 

Public Records Search

Pre-employment screening from Global Verification Network includes records available in the public domain. For instance, death certificates and marriage licenses are among the many types of publicly available records.

Court records also are typically in the public domain. For the purposes of an employment screening, records pertaining to driving offenses, civil court judgments and credit actions may contribute to the overall picture of an applicant.

Along with civil court data, a public records search may include information from state and national sex offender registries; Healthcare Sanctions Reports to identify individuals who may not participate in federal healthcare programs; motor vehicle records; credit histories; and workers’ compensation records.

Social Security Number Trace

Using a Social Security number an applicant provides, Global Verification Network typically can locate information including all home addresses, dates of birth and names associated with the number. The Social Security number trace does not verify that the applicant has provided a correct Social Security number, but it provides valuable data when combined with the many other types of searches. 

Education and Employment Verification

A surprising number of people falsify information on their resumes. A pre-employment screening can help you ensure that an applicant has provided you with accurate information pertaining to the position for which you are hiring.

Components of employment and education verification may include:

  • Employment verification. Contacting past employers can confirm details of an applicant’s work history, including the dates of service and the candidate’s reason for leaving the organization.
  • Academic verification. By contacting the educational institutions a candidate lists, Global Verification Network can confirm receipt of a degree, graduation date, areas of focus, grade point average and other information. 
  • Military service verification. Searching military records can confirm rank and dates of service.
  • Licensing verification. Global Verification Network can confirm the validity of licenses and professional certification in a number of fields, including legal, medical, real estate and accounting. In addition, a search can reveal any past disciplinary actions.
  • Check of professional references. Interviews with listed references can reveal valuable information about past work performance.

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By partnering with an experienced provider of employment screening services, you confirm that you comply with all applicable laws and regulations, including the Fair Credit Reporting Act. In addition, you can feel confident that the information uncovered in the screening process is accurate and timely..


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