Federal and Government Background Check Services

We help government agencies reduce risk.

For government employees, high expectations of ethical behavior are part of the job on a daily basis. Government regulators and citizens alike demand that public workers not only meet the basic responsibilities of their jobs — which typically include serving the public — but that they demonstrate integrity, honesty and fairness in everything they do.

Hiring for governmental positions can pose challenges, as candidates must exhibit qualifications that would be expected in any similar private-sector position — as well as a commitment to cooperation, ethics and treating all members of the public respectfully.

Employee Screening Services for Government Agencies

What are some of the common types of checks that government entities typically conduct before extending employment offers? Federal employee background investigations may include:

With a law enforcement background check or another type of government job background check from Global Verification Network, public-sector employers gain access to a range of information that can assist with compliance and candidate decisions.

Global Verification Network Government Background Check Services

Global Verification Network understands the unique needs of local, state and federal government entities and law enforcement agencies. We customize a screening program that fits your needs — from pre-employment federal government background checks to locating wanted individuals.

Our professional investigators assist you as you balance acting quickly with conducting thorough background screenings. The overall goals are to avoid fraud, protect assets, verify identities and mitigate risk.

Global Verification Network offers accurate and timely background screening services to government agencies. We perform quick criminal record checks for pre- and post-employment screening. Our real-time employee monitoring and alerts on arrests and other risky behaviors allow you to safeguard your organization as well as your constituents.

Why Choose Global Verification Network?

With access to the detailed information from a Global Verification Network federal job background check, you significantly reduce the risk of costly hiring errors that potentially can endanger the public and harm your agency’s or organization’s reputation.

Thorough candidate screening provides you with a number of benefits — including better safety and security for members of the public as well as your employees and vendors. In addition, detailed background information may enhance your ability to extend employment offers quickly to secure highly qualified candidates. Your agency may also experience cost savings as you reduce poor hires that result in employee turnover.

As a leading provider of government background investigation services, Global Verification Network supports you as you hire exceptional candidates for critical public-sector positions.

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