School Staff Background Checks & Screenings

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Few professionals hold more sway than educators over the lives of vulnerable children and young people. Teachers and other school employees have responsibility for supervising students for multiple hours each school day — often with no other adults present for long periods. Employers that hire educators take safety seriously and strive to employ trustworthy individuals with the proper training and certifications.

However, validating credentials represents just one step in a comprehensive process for hiring educators. Only a thorough criminal background check for teachers can provide the detailed information that educational hiring managers need to make sound decisions about candidates. State and national laws also often mandate teacher background checks. The goal is to provide a safer learning environment and ensure employees can perform the necessary job requirements.

Background Check Services for Educational Institutions

Schools, universities and other educational institutions typically conduct a variety of teacher background checks before extending job offers. Specific screenings may include:

  •  Federal and state criminal records checks for teachers
  •  Reference verifications
  •  Credentials verification for educators at all levels
  •  Military records checks
  •  Screenings for primary and pre-school teachers
  •  Secondary school instructor pre-employment screenings
  •  University and college professor screenings
  •  Private tutor screenings
  •  Substitute teacher background checks
  •  Drug testing for nursing and medical school personnel
  •  Credit report checks

Global Verification Network's Verification Services for the Education Industry

Global Verification Network provides comprehensive criminal record checks for teachers for public, charter and private schools; colleges and universities; and training institutions. Screening student applicants prior to enrollment can also benefit institutions of higher learning.

Accurate pre- and post-employment criminal record checks for teachers, staff, vendors and volunteers is critical for better ensuring the safety and security of your students and staff, and for maintaining your school’s reputation. Incidents of theft, violence and negative publicity affect future student enrollment, parent and alumni donations, and even research grants.

What services do we offer to educational institutions? Global Verification Network recommends that employers in the education field conduct the following screenings:

Why Work With Global Verification Network?

By choosing Global Verification Network for your teacher screening interview and other school background check needs, you significantly strengthen your process for hiring candidates with the required credentials and character to work with your students. You also lessen the risk of making costly hiring mistakes that can negatively impact your personnel budget and academic reputation.

When you make comprehensive candidate screening part of your hiring process, you enhance security for both your students and other employees, and you gain the ability to extend offers quickly to outstanding candidates.

As a leading provider of educational background screening services, Global Verification Network acts as your valued partner to assist you in attracting, hiring and retaining top candidates.

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