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We advocate for Global Verification Network screening services.

At Global Verification Network, our investigative and legal experts understand how crucial it is for law firms and individual attorneys to have every piece of relevant information possible in hand to fully serve their clients’ interests. 

Our investigative team offers a wealth of training and experience in gathering and preparing materials that support investigative, discovery and/or litigation matters. We deliver materials to clients according to their request in the following formats:

  • Video
  • Graphs
  • Charts
  • Posters
  • Reports
  • Documents
  • Character reference letters

Our belief is that, with in-depth and meaningful attorney background checks, attorneys can arrive in court, at mediation or settlement proceedings, and for discovery review sessions with full confidence that they have all available data essential to the case.

The investigative legal team at Global Verification Network leaves no source untapped — performing tasks that include surveillance, witness location, fraud examinations, financial and medical forensics, and other vital services.

Without a professionally performed background screening, diligent attorneys and law firms put their reputations at stake. Our No. 1 goal is to fully remove such unnecessary risk for our clients just like you.

Common Lawyer Background Check Services That We Provide

At Global Verification Network, we offer a variety of expert legal background check services that include the following:

  • Legal Background Check Services for Criminal Investigations. Legal background check services are key tools used in criminal investigations. A background check for an attorney examines an individual’s personal and professional history and associations. Such an investigation either validates or disproves the person’s or business’s asserted character, identity or reputation. 

    For each law firm background check, our investigative team bases its findings on the review of criminal records, education and employment history, civil records, driving and vehicle records, drug tests, personal and professional references, surveillance, and any additional available sources a client might request.

  • Lawyer Background Check Services for Civil Investigations. Civil investigations follow similar protocols to those involving criminal cases. Our civil investigators gather evidence for trials involving two citizens, or in some cases a citizen and a business entity. 

    These types of investigations surround cases that involve workers’ compensation, asset searches, domestic abuse and marital disputes, childhood custody and abuse, personal injury, missing persons, property disputes, and other matters tailored to each client’s needs and concerns for a case.

    The investigative tools and tactics that we commonly employ in our civil investigations include surveillance, financial documents, computer and data recovery, fraud reviews, subpoenaed medical records, witness statements from friends and family, and computer and cellphone activity.

  • Attorney Background Check Services for Insurance Fraud Investigations. Insurance fraud is rampant, resulting in a cost of tens of billions of dollars to the American economy each year. Legal firms stay busy trying to discover all the facts in these cases. 

    Our fraud investigation team assists clients with insurance cases by researching case histories, accident and damage claims, photographic and video images of the scene, forensic evidence, witness statements, surveillance stakeouts for personal injury and workers’ compensation cases, and social media tracking.

  • Litigation Investigations and Support Services. These core services include the following:

    • Verifying and retrieving information relevant to each case
    • Locating and interviewing witnesses
    • Discerning relevant financial status
    • Reviewing driving and vehicle records
    • Examining photographic and video evidence
    • Researching social media sites
    • And much more
  • Business Intelligence and Corporate Investigations. Business intelligence and corporate investigations include financial forensics reviews, personal vetting and legal background checks, exploration of secret commissions and kickbacks, and computer forensics and data recovery.

  • Background Screening. Most legal background check services involve a rudimentary background screening that includes information such as any maiden name or alias used, the person’s address and length at residence, the person’s previous work history, and the person’s public records that may include criminal information.

  • Security Services. Security services associated with the location of a civil or criminal incident can assist in the case. We request details extracted from the security firm’s on-site, remote, photographic video surveillance and any additional information it can provide. 

  • Investigative Support Forensics. Our expert forensics team collects, preserves and analyzes all evidence, using decryption tools, forensic hardware and software, audio recordings, and photographic and video images. 

  • Insurance Fraud. Our insurance fraud investigators gather information from insurance claims and police reports, stakeouts and surveillance, data analysis, social media, and any other relevant sources.

  • Forensic Accounting. For disputes and litigation involving finances, we perform forensic accounting services that entail the collection, analysis and evaluation of all financial evidence.

  • Computer Forensics and Data Recovery. Today’s computers and other personal electronic devices often hold a wealth of evidential material for all types of legal cases.

    With our computer forensics and data recovery expertise, we can help with the following:

    • Locate deleted files
    • Recover data lost to software or hardware corruption
    • Retrieve data from a physically damaged device
    • Process the data in the most practical & useful format
    • Review large and complex sets of data
  • General/Domestic Investigations. General and domestic legal investigations run a large gamut that includes personal, professional, financial, business, and security and safety issues such as:

    • Bigamy
    • Child support enforcement and collection
    • Divorce Investigations
    • Elder negligence or abuse
    • Hidden asset and property matters
    • Identity theft
    • Paternity questions
    • Personal threats
    • Slander and defamation
    • Social media intimidation, threats & defamation
    • Stalking
    • And many more
  • Electronic Evidence. Also known as electronic discovery (e-discovery), this is any evidence related to a case delivered in electronic format.

  • Medical Forensics. At Global Verification Network, we have developed relationships with highly skilled health care professionals specializing in forensics. These professionals help bridge any informational divide between law and medical science when the need arises. Medical forensics experts assist in cases concerning injury, death and disease for actions involving personal injury, wrongful death, workers’ compensation, malpractice and more.

Where Can You Find Our Legal Support Services?

Verification Network provides custom screening services for one of the top five U.S.-based international law firms. Our operations span coast-to-coast nationwide and into Canada, Europe the Middle East, Africa and the Asia–Pacific region. Global Verification Network moves at the speed of business while simultaneously maintaining sensitivity to the cultural differences within each area in which it operates.

Do You Need Legal Support Services for Your Busy Caseload?

Verification Network, we know our clients carry a heavy caseload. We want to empower you and your legal team by proactively doing as much of the legwork needed. With the information we gather and deliver, you can confidently proceed with the case fully prepared to do everything in your power to serve each client.

Let our honest, diligent and thorough investigative team help protect your clients’ interests with our broad range of legal background check services and much more.

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