Employee Screening Services for the Construction and Manufacturing Industry

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The persistent labor shortage in the construction industry has left many employers feeling that they must relax their hiring standards to keep jobs staffed and projects moving forward. In manufacturing, the temptation to compress the hiring timeline can seem just as intense as firms manage materials costs, intricate logistics and client expectations.

Despite pressure to meet client demands and staff up quickly, bringing the wrong candidates on board can result in significant costs to your company’s reputation and your bottom line. Even in circumstances of severe time restraints, a construction background check or manufacturing industry background check should represent critical components of your hiring process.

Hiring even one ill-intentioned or unqualified employee can do more harm than you might think. Unreliability, unacceptable performance, and even criminal activity such as theft or sabotage can leave blemishes on your brand, costly dips in team morale, and lasting financial damage.

Construction and Manufacturing Verification Services

To reduce the risk of bad hires, construction and manufacturing companies commonly conduct background screenings including:

Global Verification Network's Background Screening Services for the Construction and Manufacturing Industry

Global Verification Network understands the complex needs of the manufacturing and construction industries. We work with your team to create a customized screening solution that promotes a productive, safe working environment.

Our investigators provide a wide variety of pre-employment background screening services, including applicants’ criminal histories and driving records — along with data relating to education, employment, professional licensing and biographical details.

For clients in the manufacturing and construction industries, we recommend the following screening services:

By conducting comprehensive manufacturing and construction checks, employers can expect to discover critical information — including licensing that is out of date, expired or exaggerated on an employment application. Background screenings help protect employers against negligent hiring lawsuits that can result if an unqualified or underqualified worker causes injuries or property damage.

Why Partner With Global Verification Network?

Manufacturing and construction employment require confirmation of workers’ licensing, qualifications, educational and employment history, criminal backgrounds and other critical parameters. Global Verification Network assists employers with hiring productive, trustworthy, skilled candidates who benefit your business.

As a national leader in pre-employment background screenings, Global Verification Network provides services that allow manufacturing and construction companies to hire confidently.

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