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Also known as the Immigrant Investor Program, EB-5 was created by Congress in 1990 to stimulate the U.S. economy. The program has served to inspire job creation and capital investment from immigrant investors with its focus on creating new commercial businesses and investing in troubled enterprises.

Each year, 10,000 EB-5 immigrant visas are extended to qualified immigrant investors, and there are two distinct means for immigrant investors to be granted legal permanent residence for themselves and their immediate family:

  • The Basic Program
  • The Regional Center Pilot Program

Both programs require that an immigrant makes a capital investment of either $500,000 or $1 million into a new commercial enterprise in the United States. The amount invested depends on whether the investment is in a Targeted Employment Area (TEA) or not. A TEA is generally defined as an area — often rural — that has undergone high employment of at least 150 percent of the national average.

The EB-5 program is important for sustaining a healthy economy in areas lacking independent growth. However, businesses relying on this program must comply with the necessary standards and regulations to ensure fair distribution to those competing for highly sought opportunities.

EB-5 Background Checks

What are some common types of background checks for the financial services industry? There are a few key people involved with each EB-5 case who may require further investigation to guarantee eligibility for the program. A few of those parties include the following:

  • Immigrant investors
  • Accompanying family members of immigrant investors

Global Verification Network’s Vetting Reports May Contain the Following:

  • Criminal History Searches. Our criminal background investigations entail searching through all relevant hardcopy and electronic records at municipal, county, state and federal levels. Global Verification Network tracks any information regarding misdemeanors felonies. We also search for information regarding any charges for embezzlement, tax evasion, counterfeiting, wire fraud, driving issues and more.

  • Civil Litigation History Searches. With civil litigation history searches, we comb sources at the county and federal levels for information that identifies individuals who have been involved in product liability, breach of contract and/or small claims suits.

    Judgments, Tax Liens and Bankruptcy Searches

    It is important for EB-5 immigrant investors to participate in the program with a clean and clear financial history. Here, we seek to identify applicants who have adjudicated bankruptcy cases, or who have any type of outstanding judgments or liens against them for a better understanding of the application’s approach to financial management.

  • Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) Searches. Our team searches the UCC database to uncover any lingering tax liens and debtor information not covered in standard searches.

  • Government Databases Exclusions List Searches. These types of searches include OFAC, FINRA, SEC and more, and information sought here involves:

    • Foreign assets and investments
    • Business associations in targeted areas
    • Investment compliance with securities rules and laws
  • Credit Reports. With each participant’s signed consent only, Global Verification Network searches for information about that participant’s bill payment history, loans, current debt and other financial information. Credit reports also reveal where the participant works and lives — and whether he or she has been arrested, sued or filed for bankruptcy.

  • Business Credit Reports. Business owner credit report scores are as important as individual credit report scores. In this report, we search for similar information to individual credit reports, including how well the business pays its bills on the corporate credit card.

  • Media/Social Media Searches. Additional screening is sometimes necessary for some EB-5 investor applicants, and social media searches can offer the necessary insights. Applicants must submit all social media activity — including all handles and screen names — for the past five years on all visa applications. We search for posts related to a business or any activity that may bar them from eligibility with the program.

  • Real Property Searches. Immigrant investors applying for an EB-5 visa may own properties in their homeland. We perform a real property search for our clients to determine the impact any real properties may present in the decision-making process.

  • Education and Professional License Verifications. As another measure of the immigrant investor’s integrity put forth by the EB-5 program, we search for information regarding candidates’ educational background, licensure and certifications for themselves, as well as any accreditations for their business.

  • Reference Verifications and Validations. It is crucial to determine whether the EB-5 immigrant investor applicant is who he or she claims to be. Our team will search for documents that include the candidate’s passport, U.S. Department of State issued visa, and the individual’s visa application or immigrant petition.

  • Other Specialty Investigative Services. Upon request, we are happy to perform any other searches needed to ensure EB-5 compliance in every case. Additional investigative services we conduct include:

    • Driver records search moving violations and alcohol-related matters
    • Prohibited and restricted parties search to uncover any information on known terrorists, illegal weapons traders, money launderers, narcotics traffickers and people subject to any economic sanction
    • International searches that cover many of the same issues that may be found in the U.S. at various levels

Why Choose Global Verification Network?

When you choose Global Verification Network as your partner in the EB-5 compliance process, you reduce the chances of selecting an immigrant investor who could tarnish the EB-5 program.

By engaging in thorough EB-5 immigrant investor background screening, you gain several advantages:

  • Verification of immigrant investor credentials and biographical information
  • Fewer financial losses due to poor money management or other shortcomings when you learn about them before making your final selection
  • Enhanced security and safety for U.S. citizens, local area residents and future customers
  • Ability to extend acceptance to exceptional immigrant investors quickly

As one of the nation’s leading background screening providers serving the visa program industry, Global Verification Network enhances your ability to select the right immigrant investors with confidence.

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