What We Do

We create unique screening solutions for selective clients.

We Don’t Do Cookie-Cutter Background Checks

Global Verification Network helps organizations mitigate risk. But we’re not like all of the other companies who perform background screenings — our U.S.A based investigative team provides custom screening solutions, individually tailored to our clients unique business needs — experience first-hand how our boutique, hands-on approach can add value to your bottom line and eliminate unnecessary business risk.

While keenly focused on sound investigative methodologies, Global Verification Network also evaluates your unique business requirements. This allows us to develop strategies that provide maximum cost efficiency coupled with an effective and fully compliant screening process — aligned with your overall business strategy.

Employment Background Screening

Global Verification Network provides individually tailored background screening solutions for the entire employment life cycle, from pre-employment through course-of-employment stages.

Tenant Screening

Are you looking to place qualified tenants into available housing? Global Verification Network offers tenant-screening solutions to national property management organizations, real estate agents and brokers, as well as small to medium sized property owners who are in need of accurate and timely information.

Vetting and Investigations

Employing experienced, licensed investigative personnel, Global Verification Network is perfectly positioned to provide vetting services for private sector financial transactions. Rest easy knowing that the principals engaged to execute upon your business transactions have the wherewithal to properly lead, manage and direct your business affairs in a competent and compliant fashion.

Social Commerce Background Screening

Global Verification Network specializes in scalable screening for peer-to-peer, sharing-economy businesses. Our cutting-edge screening solutions, combined with a compliant and well-built back-office screening infrastructure, protects customers and the public at large from unnecessary and undue risks which are often encountered with other companies who don’t adhere to the same high standards as are evidenced by the screening programs and investigative professionals which are the hallmark of all of the Global Verification Network programs and processes.