Background Checks & Employee Screening Services For Staffing Companies

Global Verification Network understands the needs of human resources and staffing professionals. We work with you to customize a background screening solution that helps you hire good employees quickly while remaining compliant.

As an experienced HR background check company, we are aware of the unique requirements of the staffing industry, including the need to hire many employees in a short period of time. We are fully cognizant of the rules governing what information cannot be used in a hiring decision and what information, if used incorrectly, can expose your organization to a discrimination lawsuit.

Employee Screening Services For The Staffing Industry

Global Verification Network has a comprehensive pre-employment screening program for the staffing industry that includes:

Why Is a Pre-Employment Screening Program Essential for Staffing Agencies?

Staffing agencies frequently serve as the gatekeepers for employers during the hiring process. Of course, staffing firms like yours perform a variety of functions, but administering a complete human resources background check has become the hallmark of a high-quality recruiting firm.

In addition to making sure you are sending out an honest and fully qualified employee, you must remain compliant with fair hiring practices. You can count on Global Verification Network to dig deeper to help you make a confident placement decision. At the same time, we can also help you sort through the findings of our pre-employment screening program to determine which details are reasonable and legal to eliminate a candidate from consideration.

Each time your staffing agency sends out an employee, you put your reputation on the line. We can help protect your employment firm’s brand by vetting each prospective employee.

What Are the Benefits of Working With a Professional HR Background Check Company?

Simply performing your own manual staffing agency background check can yield a fair amount of information about each employee. However, Global Verification Network is equipped to take the process to the next level, so you do not miss anything. Our skilled team of researchers will find all the key details to help keep the workplace safe and each employer compliant with hiring laws.

We do not stop at background checks. While standard employee screenings offer a fair amount of information about a person, we believe in taking as many extra steps as necessary to protect your business. Performing employment verification queries, criminal background checks and E-Verify can provide you with a fuller view of each candidate. With our comprehensive HR background check services, you can send that person on assignments without worry, knowing that he or she has been fully vetted.

Why Choose Global Verification Network?

With Global Verification Network, you gain a partner in the HR background check process. You know how time-consuming it is to perform an in-depth screening for multiple candidates, so you recognize the value of working alongside a company that cares about your reputation.

Our mission is to ensure that each person you assign to a client’s business makes your staffing firm shine. Just as importantly, we are committed to helping you avoid making a bad hiring decision due to lack of background information.

  • Verification of candidate credentials and biographical information
  • Prevention of assigning candidates who create a negative work environment for your clients
  • Saved time provides you with the opportunity to build a larger pool of high-caliber candidates
  • Strengthens trust between you and your clients, which is likely to inspire them to call you each time they need a reliable employee

Global Verification Network is one of the nation’s leading HR background check providers serving the staffing industry. Our detailed and thorough work enhances your ability to hire with confidence.

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