Vetting and Investigative Services

Reduce your risk of making a bad business decision.

There’s an old adage that says “Trust but verify.” That’s the premise behind conducting vetting and investigative services, to learn more about an individual or entity before entering into a business relationship. Conducting due diligence upfront can help avoid a situation where your company has to deal with the fallout of fraud or tie up time and resources in litigation.

Global Verification Network offers a range of services designed to help our clients make sound, informed decisions, and to reduce overall risk associated with those decisions. The due diligence services and reporting we provide are timely, thorough and discreet. Services are tailored to each client’s needs.

Some examples of the way we help our clients include:
  • Key employee vetting. You want to be certain you understand the background of any potential new hire. When your organization is hiring someone for an executive or other key role, or when you are considering adding a new board member, the need for due diligence is even greater. Employee vetting services can be a critical component of these efforts.

  • Due diligence for proposed business mergers or acquisitions. Vetting this type of potential relationship thoroughly in the pre-deal stage can help avoid unpleasant surprises after the transaction closes.

  • Key business partners. Before you enter into a business relationship with a vendor, third-party service provider, supplier or other business partner, you owe it to your company and its shareholders to vet that potential relationship.

  • Know your customer. KYC and AML legal requirements demand that you know who it is you’re doing business with! Reduce your risk and engage our American-based, in-house team of investigators to give you peace of mind and keep you compliant.

  • Specialty vetting services. Global Verification Network is an expert in specialty business vetting areas such as the federal EB-5 Visa Investor Program. Vetting key personnel and impacted stakeholders in the NCE and JCE arenas help keep you compliant with federal legal requirements.

  • Investigations with purpose. Each of our services is custom designed for the situation or engagement. Business decisions should be based upon reason and fact, and the investigative services of Global Verification Network are purposefully designed and deployed to aid in both.

  • Vetting at the speed of business. Sometimes, deals require last-minute information to secure the transaction and mitigate the risk of potentially poor decisions. Global Verification Network prides itself on being customer-centric and moving at the speed of business.

Why Vetting Checks and Employment Checks Are Important

There are many reasons someone might consider using an investigative company to conduct due diligence on someone. Employers, landlords, property managers, financial services management personnel and others often have a need to conduct a deeper analysis of an individual or organization than they can do from a mere application and interview alone.

Before you enter into a business deal with another entity, begin a relationship with a prospective employee, lease space to a tenant, or make an investment decision, work with a vetting company to conduct an in-depth background investigation. Armed with a much wider range of information, you will be able to make more informed decisions.

How Global Verification Network Can Help

Global Verification Network offers a customized boutique level of investigative solutions designed to accommodate every client’s unique business requirements and goals. Those services include conducting investigations or screenings to determine if the individuals or organizations being examined have the experience, competence, integrity, character and financial responsibility you are looking for, in a safe, sound and legally compliant manner.

Complete, Thorough and Timely Reporting

At Global Verification Network, we understand that the decisions you need to make must be based on accurate, complete information.

Some of the information we generate for our clients’ reports is fast and easy to obtain, verify and report. In other cases, information needs to be obtained from the clerk of court in one or more county or state government offices.

For reports that are not dependent on information from clerk-assisted jurisdictions, Global Verification Network’s service standard is to provide thorough, complete reports within 10 days or fewer. In the event there is a delay, we work with the affected client to provide preliminary, intermediate and final reporting — according to the protocol outlined in the client agreement.

Continuity of Reporting

At some vetting companies, each piece of information contained in an investigative report may be generated by different people in the organization and then combined into a client report deliverable by a software solution.

That type of piecemeal approach can lead to key information being overlooked or discounted. Global Verification Network takes a different approach. The same accredited investigative professional handles every part of each investigative report — from beginning to end. This helps ensure consistency, quality and accountability for the end product. We believe that extra step helps make our report deliverables more reliable and useful for clients.

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If you are searching for a vetting company to provide you with the detailed information you need to help make more informed decisions about a prospective employee, prospective tenant, business partner or financial professional, Global Verification Network can help.

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