Real Estate Background Checks & Tenant Screening Services

In the real estate industry, landlords and property owners depend on real estate tenant background screening services to vet applicants. Real estate background checks are a legal and viable alternative to blindly allowing individuals and families to rent your properties. When dealing with problem tenants, you are faced with not receiving rent, property damage and harm to your brand as a real estate professional. Our background checks for tenants and rental business employees help you avoid unnecessary hassles.

To protect your business from seedy tenants, consult Global Verification Network. Our expertise in real estate background checks and screening services, combined with our in-depth knowledge of real estate, makes us the leaders in applicant vetting.


Real Estate Screening Services

In the real estate business, you need to be able to perform fast and accurate background checks on each applicant and potential rental business employee in rapid time. Often, renters come to you with a time crunch. They need to find a place to live fast. Dealing with weeklong background checks is not an option and will force potentially good renters to move to the next available home.

Choosing expedient vetting by Global Verification Network better ensures these valuable tenants will remain on board throughout the application process. We make the process seamless for your applicants, as well as for your office, to save everyone time and effort. For real estate professionals, we verify previous addresses and places of employment. In addition, our tenant credit and background check services vet for identity theft to confirm your renters are exactly who they say they are.

Other real estate services we offer for landlords include criminal history and eviction searches to give you a full profile of your future renters. To maintain compliance, we conduct bankruptcy history searches — all of which are compliant according to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).


How Our Screening Supports Real Estate Professionals

When you choose Global Verification Network as your provider of background checks for tenants and real estate screening services, here is what you can expect to receive. We deliver a simple yet efficient screening experience for potential tenants and real estate business employees. This allows real estate professionals to focus on the most important matter at hand — converting rental properties into revenue. Global Verification Network starts by creating a rental application that is branded for your real estate company. Set the stage for a positive rental experience with this branding for your company.

Each time an applicant submits this application along with supporting documentation, we screen his or her information. Utilizing supporting documentation, we evaluate each application according to state and federal regulations for the real estate industry. This way, we can make sure that you comply with laws related to equal housing opportunities while protecting the rights of you as the owner or landlord, as well as the applicant.

To enhance the effectiveness of your tenant interviews, consider asking the right questions. Our blog post, “8 Questions Prospective Tenants Should Be Asked“, offers valuable insights into the queries that can help you make informed decisions. Tailor your questions to gather comprehensive information about each applicant, ensuring that you choose the right tenants for your properties.


Benefits of Global Verification Network

Global Verification Network understands the challenges of managing rental properties in today’s marketplace. We work with property owners in making smarter leasing decisions through comprehensive credit and background check services for landlords.

Vetting job rental applicants enables you to avoid tenants who could potentially cost you eviction expenses, legal fees, property damage or lost rent. When renting to individuals, you have the right and responsibility to learn as much about their history as possible. This transparency is key to helping you avoid tenants who are just going to cost you money.


Choose Real Estate Background Checks

Now that you understand the benefits of utilizing real estate background checks for your business, it is time to start vetting potential renters. Along with landlord tenant credit and background check services, we provide:


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