Drug Testing Services

Pre-Employment and Post-Employment Drug Testing Solutions

Pre-employment drug testing services from Global Verification Network help you comply with applicable regulations and avoid the adverse effects of hiring individuals who use drugs. For companies subject to regulation by the state and federal governments and for those administering their own drug-free programs, Global Verification Network offers certified third-party administrator (C/TPA) pre-placement drug test services.

Urine, hair and oral fluids are the most common types of tests performed — with urine and saliva offering the fastest turnaround of approximately 48 hours. With any method you choose, the Medical Review Officers at Global Verification Network review the results to verify accuracy, provide you with detailed records, and help identify any allowed uses of tested drugs. In addition, our Medical Review Officers can answer questions and provide any required instruction.

Notification and the Right to Privacy

Most states allow drug testing of employment applicants with proper disclosure, although some states require a conditional job offer prior to testing. Notification of the testing requirement sometimes is provided on application forms signed by applicants, or notification may be provided in a first job interview. The drug testing administrators at Global Verification Network can assist you in ensuring that you properly disclose your drug-testing policy.

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that urine and blood collection are acceptable if conducted privately, although employers may be allowed to have an observer present at the time of sample collection. Results of drug tests may be classified as protected health information; Global Verification Network can assist you with creating policies for safeguarding and sharing of test results.

Some over-the-counter medications such as ibuprofen may produce inaccurate test results. Global Verification Network can assist you with ensuring that applicants have not taken medications that will interfere — and can retest, if necessary. Our Medical Review Officers also have methods for detecting potential tampering with tests.

Applicants who are unable to provide urine samples may be asked to drink a specific amount of fluids until they can provide a sample.

Why Global Verification Network?

Comprehensive, efficient drug-screening solutions from Global Verification Network provide businesses, hiring managers and human resources departments with rapid turnaround and accurate results for background check drug tests. Our advanced drug testing logistics offer multiple benefits, including:

  • Reduced health concerns and absenteeism
  • Fewer workplace accidents
  • Greater productivity
  • Less time and money for drug screening
  • Compliance with all regulations
  • Ongoing monitoring for timely, accurate results
  • Rigorous quality control and record-keeping
  • Results certified by Medical Review Officers
  • Integration with health and background screenings
  • C/TPA designation indicates high quality and experience
  • Turnkey solution including drug testing logistics, scheduling, reports and billing
  • Drug testing services customized to your needs

Our Drug Testing Services

As your trusted drug screening company, we provide random program notification, laboratory analysis, Medical Review Officer (MRO) services, chain-of-custody forms (paper or electronic) and collection site management on a nationwide basis. Urine (collection site or instant), hair and oral options are available. Online access to each program is available for reporting and random pool management.

Global Verification Network professional drug screening services include facilitation of sample collection at our partners’ multiple locations, shipment of the sample to the laboratory, MRO services (if applicable) and reporting of the drug test results.

  • Urine Drug Screen. This test determines if a candidate or employee is drug-free. We offer 5-, 7-, 9- or 10-panel urine drug testing through one of our partner labs. Requests for additional panels can be accommodated.

  • Hair Drug Screen. Hair drug testing offers the longest detection period for the most commonly tested drug types. It detects use between one week and three months from the date of drug use. Plus, this option prevents attempts at specimen substitution.

  • eCup/Instant Urine Drug Screen. This 5-panel option offers faster urine drug test results while eliminating the risk of human error. eCup is a “smart” cup that provides rapid screening without human intervention or interpretation. Negative sample results are available within an hour, which reduces testing turnaround time if no drugs are detected.

  • Oral Fluid Drug Test. This alternative allows donors to collect and cap their own samples on site in the presence of a monitor. This minimally invasive, easy-to-use method reduces tampering attempts and is particularly useful for detecting recent drug use. Because the results indicate if drugs are present at the time of collection, the oral test is especially suited for post-accident testing.

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