4 Ways To Improve Your Background Check Process

The background screening process has become a crucial component of top recruiting strategies for businesses across the country. Organizational leaders and HR team members must confirm each hire’s integrity and qualifications as well as they can. An in-depth background check can help.

Poor hiring decisions — based on lack of information or taking each candidate at their word — can adversely affect a business’s profits, reputation, and security for employees, customers and the public. Add in the recent challenges of remote hiring and the fact that recruiters often no longer have the benefit of in-person interviews where they can carefully watch body language, and you have the recipe for deception from job seekers who have something to hide.

If your hiring team is struggling to conduct effective, informative and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)-compliant candidate screenings, all while avoiding the risks of lawsuits and litigation, these tips might help. Check out some ideas on how to improve the hiring process at your organization.

4 Ways to Improve Your Background Screening Practices

The candidate and new hire screening phase of recruiting offers your HR team the chance to look at each employee from a unique perspective that — done with the right approach and execution — could give you the whole story, whether the candidate shares it with you or not.

If you want to buff up everything from your background checks and criminal record searches to driving history, here are four ways you can improve your employee screening process right away.

1. Include Everyone in Your Background Screenings

While it is becoming increasingly standard for employers to conduct screenings on job candidates, it is also important to know what is going on with existing employees. If you overlook those already working for your company, you set yourself up for a potential risk that a periodic background check could help you avoid. Establish a policy that mandates regular employee screenings upon hire and perhaps annually to maintain a safer and more candid workplace.

2. Maintain Consistent Compliance at Every Level

By making sure that your hiring and legal teams stay up-to-date on compliance issues at the local, state and federal levels, you can protect your company from potential discrimination lawsuits and other privacy issues. Make sure that your team does its due diligence in researching laws such as The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), which outlines permission and disclosure requirements that offer you firm guidelines for credit reporting and background checks. It is also crucial that you regularly review the EEOC’s policies that govern the information you can gather and include these policies in your decision-making process for candidates and ongoing employee screenings.

3. Narrow Your Search to Learn What Is Most Relevant to the New Hire’s Role

If your organization lacks a brimming budget to do a full candidate screening, or if you prefer to search for only the most relevant information for any reason, you might select the screenings most pertinent to your organization and the employee’s role. Here are a couple screenings and how you might pinpoint what you need for each employee:

  • Credit history screenings are essential for employees who handle money, financial records and other employees’ confidential financial information, such as a payroll clerk managing direct deposits.
  • Driver record reports can help you uncover and deal with a candidate’s or employee’s past DUIs and other driving violations to avoid future issues.

4. Partner With a Background Screening Team to Cover Your Bases

When you choose to work with a professional background screening organization that is certified in FCRA and through the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS), you can rest assured that they have you covered. Not only will your background check team of professionals conduct a thorough screening of each candidate and employee per your needs, but they can keep you safe and compliant with the laws at every level.

Need Help Improving Your Background Check Process?

Now is the perfect time to start conducting background checks or improving your hiring process, but you might need some help navigating the laws that protect candidates’ and employees’ rights. Contact Global Verification Network (GVN) to learn how we can help you conduct intensive and compliant background checks that inspire confidence in the process and your staff.