Background Checks For Hiring The Right Real Estate Agent

Purchasing a home is a major life event that often follows years of saving and sacrificing. If you're in the market for a new home – or you're selling a home you own – you understand the complexities of loans, negotiations, inspections and closing the deal. One of the most important individuals in the home sales process is the real estate agent. You expect your real estate agent or Realtor (a member of the National Association of Realtors) to have the proper licensure and qualifications for taking care of the details of your transaction. By conducting a thorough background screening, you can rest assured that your agent has the necessary credentials to make your home purchase or sale a success. Throughout the United States, real estate agents must hold valid licenses. However, only a fraction of states conduct background checks as part of issuing licenses, and the process varies across the country. What should you know about getting a real estate agency background check or Realtor background check?

Verifying Key Details

If you are selling a home, your real estate agent likely will have significant access to your property. In many cases, real estate agents assist with inspections, oversee work, stage the residence with furnishings, and bring in prospective buyers when the owners are not at home. You want to know that your agent is trustworthy around your valuables, your pets and your family. A professional background check will include a criminal background screening and will alert you if the agent you choose to work with has a troubling criminal history. Whether you intend to work with an agency or an individual agent, it's crucial to verify proper licensure in your state. Brokers and agencies must hold specific licenses and certifications to hire contractors and other personnel who may be needed to prepare your property. By working with a professional screening firm for a real estate agency background check, you guarantee that your chosen agent is qualified, trained, and fully licensed and certified to complete your home sale or purchase.

What's Included in a Broker Background Check?

Global Verification Network offers a comprehensive range of services so that you receive all relevant background information about your real estate broker or agent. A real estate agency background check will provide you with information specific to your state – including required licensing and any history of disciplinary actions by state or industry authorities. In addition, you will gain a thorough understanding of any criminal history by the agency or its brokers. In some cases, real estate agents can obtain their licenses in spite of past criminal convictions, and the agent may not be required to disclose the information to you. With a background screening, you will learn about any violent offenses, as well as any financial crimes – such as fraud – that may pose concerns.

Conduct a Thorough Real Estate Agent Screening

If you are buying or selling a home, you will place significant trust in your real estate agent. By working with a professional background screening firm, you ensure that your trust is well-placed. Global Verification Network offers comprehensive background checks to give you confidence as you navigate the real estate sales process. To find out more about our background check services for brokers, real estate agents and Realtors, please contact Global Verification Network.