How To Choose The Right Background Check Company

Hiring employees is a powerful risk element for any business. While you need dedicated professionals to help grow your business, there’s more that you need to know about every candidate and current employee than where they went to college and whether they claim to possess the skills and qualifications your position requires. With the best background check service provider, you will learn all the vital details left off applications, resumes and cover letters.

Many issues that come up during professional background checks simply require a few pieces of additional information to resume the hiring process. However, there are times when you might uncover something about a candidate that defies your organization’s principles and mission statement; therefore, it’s better to know as early in the recruiting process as possible.

The best background check companies offer these critical tools and options to protect your customers, employees, operations and reputation from unnecessary risk.

4 Considerations to Help You Choose the Best Employment Background Check Company

Now that you understand why it is so important to rely on the expertise of a background service, you might wonder how to find and choose the right company.

Here are four ways to get you started with confidence:

1. Search for Background Check Companies With Proper Accreditation

Background check firms should be accredited by the Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA) (formerly, the National Association of Professional Background Screeners). The organization reviews all the policies and procedures laid out by the various background check service providers to ensure they approach their work with a focus on consumer protection, verification best practices and standards, legal compliance, and other essential industry practices.

2. Confirm the Business Provides All the Background Check and Employee Verification Services You Need

Not every background check or employee verification covers the same information. Check that the company you choose can perform various key background searches you may require, such as the following:

  • Background checks
  • Civil records searches
  • Criminal records
  • Driver records
  • Drug testing
  • Due diligence
  • Education checks
  • Employment verifications
  • International verifications
  • License verifications
  • Reference verifications
  • Sex offender registry searches
  • Social Security traces and address verification
  • Tenant screenings
  • Vetting and investigative services

While you may not use all of these services, it’s better to work with a trusted background check company that can lead a due diligence search with speed and accuracy in case such a situation arises.

3. Find a Company Whose Fees Align With Your Budget and Desire to Minimize Risk

Learn about the background check company’s pricing structure: Does it charge a base price for a package of search services, or does it use a fee-based model that offers you a per-service agreement? Be certain you are getting the best deal, especially if you plan to engage the company for all your new hires or other verification needs. It’s important to note that, with this service, taking the cheap route shouldn’t necessarily drive your choice. You want quality screening for every candidate or circumstance.

Remember that the cost of background screenings is far less expensive than the cost of hiring a perpetually problematic employee who might damage your brand. Further, you’ll then need to go through the expensive process of terminating the employee and returning to the recruiting, hiring, interviewing, training and onboarding of a replacement.

4. Engage a Background Check Firm That Gets Accurate Results to You Quickly

There are times when background checks contain inaccurate information since there is no centralized clearinghouse. The best investigators take every precaution, per their PBSA accreditation, to guarantee that the information they provide is as accurate as possible through their diligent research. Look for a company with a strong reputation for accuracy and timely and easily accessible reporting.

Do You Need Assistance From the Best Employment Background Check Service?

Global Verification Network understands your hiring team has a busy schedule and might need some reinforcements in vetting top candidates. Background checks are what we do, and you can apply everything on the list of considerations above to our organization. We can help you develop an employee background check that includes any additional services you’d like to include, such as driving record and credit checks.

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