Screening Seasonal Employees

With summer in full swing, many companies have begun their annual campaigns to hire seasonal workers for the holidays. Whether you operate a traditional brick-and-mortar enterprise or concentrate on online sales, hiring seasonal employees likely plays a significant role in your yearly revenue plan.

In many businesses, previous seasonal employees return over the course of multiple years. For the sake of convenience and cost-cutting, hiring managers may decide to skip background screenings for those familiar workers.

The decision to forgo this critical step in the hiring process can have significant consequences, however. Employee crime remains a persistent problem in retail. In addition to outright theft, workers can damage your bottom line by falsifying time records.

Bad behavior by part-time, temporary workers can cause costly damage to an organization’s reputation. In e-commerce businesses, ill-intentioned employees may swipe credit card information from customers to make fraudulent purchases — eroding your organization’s hard-won trust in the process.

The Need for Rescreening

Is it really necessary to rescreen seasonal employees who return to your business over several years? Because you know the individuals and feel that they have established their trustworthiness, the screening process may fall by the wayside — especially in the seasonal jobs hiring rush that hits many organizations around the holidays.

In some cases, employers must compete for their seasonal workers and may hesitate to inconvenience them with background screenings. The truth is that by working with a professional background verification company, you can complete the rescreening process quickly and with minimal hassle for prospective employees.

For several important reasons, you should consider rescreening even those seasonal workers who have assisted you in the past. In some cases, significant time may have elapsed since you last conducted a background check on an individual. In that time, the worker may have had a change in life circumstances — for example, serious financial problems — that might affect his or her propensity to steal or otherwise act inappropriately.

You may have previous seasonal workers who did not undergo background screenings in the past, and you may feel that those individuals deserve your trust. Consider following best practices in your hiring by screening those employees using the same guidelines as you would for a new worker.

In addition, you may have previous seasonal workers whose roles have changed. An employee who has moved into a position involving financial oversight or handling money may require a more intensive screening, including a credit check.

Saving Time and Money With Screening Services

If you will be hiring part-time or seasonal workers this year, you can save both time and money for your organization by working with a professional background screening firm. By incorporating professional screenings into your hiring practices, you can have your seasonal employees on the job quickly.

Global Verification Network can assist businesses with the employment screening process in a number of ways. If you are hiring seasonal employees, consider our professional criminal record services. With our comprehensive criminal screenings, you protect your business from many of the risks posed by seasonal workers — including theft, damage to your business reputation and negligent-hiring lawsuits.

To learn more about how Global Verification Network can assist with your seasonal jobs hiring process, please reach out to us today.