A Guide To Background Checks For Staffing Companies

Staffing companies help employers fast-track the hiring process without sacrificing getting to know applicants on a deeper level. That’s part of the reason why background checks for staffing companies are so vital to successful hiring.

A high-quality background check lets the staffing firm and its client know more about an employee before proceeding to the critical step of extending an offer.

With 78% of job applicants admitting to lying on their resumes, in-depth employee verifications and background checks offer hiring managers and recruitment professionals a method of drilling down to the truth.

Let’s explore the top reasons staffing companies should perform background checks, what types of background checks staffing companies should perform and how to ensure compliance.

The Top 3 Reasons Your Staffing Company Should Perform Background Checks

There are several reasons why your staffing company should take the time and effort to conduct background checks. The surface answer comes down to finding the best candidate for the job, but there is more to it than that.

Let’s look at the top reasons background checks are so essential to an effective hiring process.

1. Protection for the Hiring and Staffing Companies

Conducting a background check protects the employer and the staffing company from any problems that could arise without one. For instance, if someone has a violent background or has been involved with theft in the past, it is better for the staffing company to know up front, letting the hiring company know and make the best decision for the business, employees and customers.

2. Reduce Time-to-Hire

Employers working with staffing agencies frequently want to reduce the time spent on finding and hiring a solid candidate. That means they need a staffing partner adept at performing quick applicant screenings, performing everything from criminal searches and educational verifications to driving record checks.

When a staffing company has an expert researcher on staff or works with a high-caliber background verification company, necessary results can be procured in a timely manner, helping employers get the employees they need and can trust, quickly.

3. Ensure a Better Candidate Experience

Performing a background check can be a challenging part of the hiring process. Candidates often feel they are being put under a microscope and, in some ways, they are. A savvy staffing partner working with a professional verification company can smooth over the rough edges to help everyone feel better about the process and the outcome.

What Types of Background Checks Should Your Staffing Company Conduct?

Depending on the business a staffing company is hiring for, the type of background checks it performs can vary. The right background check provider will help determine the most valuable and relevant background checks, which might focus on the following:

  • Criminal records
  • Employment verification
  • Educational background
  • Reference verification
  • Driving records
  • License verification
  • Credit report
  • And more

Let Global Verification Network Help You Deliver Thorough, Compliant Background Checks to Your Staffing Company

Our GVN team will conduct a complete background check to help you and your clients choose the best candidates for respective positions.

Our experienced and accredited experts ensure compliance by following the regulations and rules defined and set forth by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and any local rules and regulations. You will feel confident delivering thorough background check reports to employers who need to trust each candidate you share with them.

Contact us to learn about our investigative process and how we can help your staffing company deliver reliable background reports that satisfy you and your client companies.