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Global Verification Network is a leader in background checks and screening services in the Atlanta area. Our system is highly customized around your requirements to produce a tailored, fully compliant screening process for a complete range of business needs.

No cookie-cutter, assembly-line verification solutions here. Global Verification Network takes the time to understand the specific needs of our Atlanta clients from top to bottom. Our services include customized employment background screening, detailed tenant checks, and scalable, peer-to-peer screening for social commerce.

In addition, Global Verification Network is Atlanta’s leading provider of drug testing, employment screening, criminal record services, and due diligence services.

Record and Background Check Services in Atlanta

Global Verification Network provides a variety of customized screening and record services to clients throughout the Atlanta area, including background screening, employment screening, tenant screenings and various other vetting services. Here are more details on this group of services.

Verification Services

In today’s business environment, it is no longer possible to believe everything you read; in fact, we are approaching the point where it is no longer possible to believe anything you read —70 percent of college students said they would lie on a résumé*, “professionals” frequently claim to have certain licenses or certificates they don’t actually have, and personal and professional references can be factually accurate or complete fictions. To combat these serious business challenges, Global Verification Network offers Atlanta organizations sophisticated verification services that examine the accuracy of the information you are provided:

  • Education Verifications: Did your job candidate actually earn a degree from Emory University? Is that potential hire telling the truth about her grade point average at Georgia State? The Global Verification Network team verifies resume claims so you can make hiring decisions based on accurate information.
  • International Verifications: Taking job applications from overseas candidates? Global Verification Network offers verification services in 195 countries across six continents. International job candidates need not be a mystery — we will provide you with the fully researched, compliant data you need to make informed hiring decisions.
  • License Verifications: Any job that requires specific certification or licensure — medical, legal, financial, real estate, etc. — is a job where candidates may be tempted to exaggerate or outright lie about qualifications. We evaluate claims to determine the validity of reported licenses and make sure candidates have the qualifications they claim.
  • Reference Verifications: Checking personal and professional references is a vital task, but also tedious, time-consuming work that bogs down your HR staff. Global Verification Network will check references, using modern technologies that streamline the reference gathering and checking process — and allow your internal team to focus on business-critical work. Most important, armed with in-depth reference information about applicants, you’ll be in a strong position to make the right hiring decisions.

Screening Services

Customized screening services from Global Verification Network enable you to identify employees you don’t want to hire or retain, and potential tenants you don’t want to rent to. Our screening services are efficient, thorough and compliant.

  • Drug Testing: Drug testing has a huge impact on keeping your Atlanta business productive and reducing the risk of the many, serious workplace problems caused by employee drug use. Global Verification Network is a single-source for drug testing. We include all phases of the drug testing process for your organization, including logistics, scheduling, results reporting and billing.
  • Employment Screening: One of the most costly problems for a business is high turnover. Continual hiring and training burdens the staff and draws time and energy away from revenue- and profit-producing activities. Global Verification Network will manage your employment screening process, helping you make the right hiring decisions and get off the turnover treadmill.
  • Tenant Screening: Deadbeat renters damage property, create monumental headaches for landlords, and often produce far more in legal fees and eviction efforts than their rent, if paid, would ever produce. Global Verification Network thoroughly investigates potential tenant backgrounds, helping you find the desirable tenants you must have to make your property investment pay.

Records Services

Checking certain official records is a crucial element in screening, as it identifies problems that could become bigger problems if they go unnoticed. Global Verification Network offers a variety of comprehensive and compliant record verification services to our Atlanta clients, including:

  • Criminal Record Services: Our detailed, thorough criminal background checks help you avoid hiring an unsuitable candidate, as well as reduce your exposure to theft, white-collar crime, violence and negligent-hiring lawsuits.
  • Driver Record Services: For company drivers of any type vehicle, a clean driving record is a hiring requirement. Unfortunately, many seemingly solid candidates are less than forthcoming when asked about their driving records. Find out about past tickets, accidents and other driving-related issues by taking advantage of our driver record screening services.

Background and Investigative Services

Customized around your Atlanta organization’s unique needs and best practices within your industry, Global Verification Network provides background and investigative services to make better-informed decisions with regard to hiring and partnerships. Core screening services include:

  • Background Checks: Hiring without a thorough background check is hiring blind. Protect yourself from making a potentially catastrophic hiring mistake by utilizing our Atlanta background check services to research candidates in-depth. We’ll determine the validity and completeness of the information you are given, helping you understand whether a candidate is presenting an accurate picture.
  • Due Diligence Searches: Our in-house investigators use global-screening and information-gathering services to give you relevant information for mergers, acquisitions, lending decisions and other business intelligence purposes where business intelligence makes the difference between success and failure.

What to Expect with Global Verification Network Services

Our Atlanta office is committed to deliver valuable screening results to our clients and making the process efficient and compliant from top to bottom. Business and communication is handled with utmost professionalism, but in a collaborative and friendly spirit. We seek to build long-lasting relationships with every client we serve.

Benefits of Working with Global Verification Network

Working with Global Verification Network means working with a company that follows best practices for screening every step of the way. By combining talented and experienced personnel, sophisticated technology, and time-tested processes, we provide screening services that are unmatched by any Atlanta firm. Consider the benefits of using our team to help your Atlanta organization with its screening needs:

  • Single point of contact throughout the process
  • Only company in the country where every team member is certified in Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) standards
  • Scalable, flexible, adaptable technology
  • Lean methodologies
  • Faster checks and screenings
  • Less costly business decisions
  • Fewer mistakes in hiring

Interested in learning more about Global Verification Network and how we can help your Atlanta business? Contact us today.

* *Source: Accu-Screen, Inc., ADP, The Society of Human Resource Managers, 2012.


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