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When you need Denver verification services — whether it’s to screen potential hires, run drug tests, check tenants or search criminal records — Global Verification Network is your resource. For clients throughout the Denver area, we’re the leader in providing background checks and screening services that help you base business decisions on hard information. For clients like you, we can provide everything from detailed tenant checks to reliable record verification services.

The beauty of choosing Global Verification Network is we customize our services to you. You don’t come to us for routine, cookie-cutter solutions; rather, we get to know you and your organization so we can provide just the employment screenings, peer-to-peer screenings or other verification services in Denver that you need.

Global Verification Network stands out for providing Denver background check services, drug testing, criminal record services and due diligence services. When you need a higher level of intel in your hiring, management or other business decisions, we can help.

Screening and Record Services We Offer in Denver

In today’s business world, being able to screen, check and verify is everything. You need a way to know information is true before basing business decisions on it. That’s where Global Verification Network comes in. We provide customized screening and record services so you’re empowered with verified data. Whether you run a small bank or a large law firm, we give you the vetting services, background screenings, employment screenings and tenant screenings you need.

Here are some of the specific screening and record services we provide:

Screening Services

Whether you need to vet employees or screen potential tenants, our screening services make it a convenient, streamlined process. From drug testing to employee screening, we help you identify which candidates are right for you.

  • Employment Screening: Before you hire someone who could end up being a liability for your business, let us vet the candidate and help you make the best choice.
  • Tenant Screening: You only have to experience one deadbeat renter to know that tenant screening matters. We provide tenant screening and background checks to help you know you’re filling your properties with reliable renters.
  • Drug Testing: We can handle all the logistics of drug testing, from scheduling to reporting to billing, so you have the information you need.

Records Services

Before you hire a company driver, you want to know what his or her record looks like, right? The same goes for checking people’s criminal records. It’s critical to know what you’re getting into by hiring a specific person.

  • Driver Record Services: It only makes sense to look at an individual’s driving record before hiring him or her to drive for your business. Let us investigate past tickets, accidents and other issues so you see verified driving records.
  • Criminal Record Services: Don’t be surprised by a new hire’s history of theft, violence or other crimes. Our criminal background checks give you an in-depth look at a person’s criminal history upfront.

Verification Services

Let’s face it: Just because someone says he or she went to Harvard doesn’t mean it’s true. As many as seven out of 10 college students say they’d lie on a resume*, so if you’re not verifying information, you won’t know who’s telling the truth. Through our Denver verification services, you can make sure someone has the degree, license, certification or other information that he or she claims to have.

  • Education Verification: Did the person you’re interviewing really get a master’s degree from the University of Denver? Is that 4.0 GPA factual? Before believing everything you read on a resume, verify it with our professional service.
  • License Verification: From financial certifications to medical licenses, find out if a candidate actually holds particular qualifications before making decisions.
  • International Verification: When you have candidates from other countries, it can be harder to double-check records. Global Verification Network offers verification services for 195 countries and six continents. We’ll gladly look into a person’s international records.
  • Reference Verification: We can verify references for you, streamlining the hiring process and giving you key information for making decisions.

Background and Investigative Services

Maybe you want to run a background check on a potential hire or get some investigative work done before signing on for a merger. In either case, we have the background and investigative services to help you.


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