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Throughout Louisville and its surrounding communities, Global Verification Network provides customized background check services and record verification services that are thorough, fully compliant and high in professionalism. Instead of offering cookie-cutter verification services to all our clients, we tailor each package to each company’s needs. Some of our most popular Louisville verification services include tenant checks, background screening and peer-to-peer screening for social commerce. Today, Global Verification Network stands out as the leading provider of criminal records services, employment screening, drug testing and due diligence in the Louisville area.

Screening and Record Services in the Louisville Market

Louisville companies of all sizes — from small startups to major corporations — find the screening and record verification services they need at Global Verification Network. Some of the specific areas in which we specialize include:

Verification Services

Just because someone claims to have a certain license or degree doesn’t mean he or she does. In fact, studies have shown 70 percent of college students said they would lie on a résumé. Global Verification Network helps you distinguish between fact and fiction with professional record verification services that give you a way to confirm the accuracy of what you’re told.

Education Verifications: Does this candidate actually have a degree from the University of Kentucky? Was he truly involved in the educational activities he listed? Did she graduate cum laude as she claims? Our education verifications help you verify education claims so you can make hiring decisions backed by real data.

International Verifications: When your company’s looking to hiring a candidate from another country, Global Verification Network can help there, too. We have resources in 195 countries across six continents. You can work with us on local Louisville verification services as well as international ones.

License Verifications: When your industry requires certain certificates or licenses (as in the medical, legal, financial or educational fields), it’s all too easy for job candidates to lie about their qualifications in order to qualify. Let us research claims to ensure potential hires are representing themselves accurately.

Reference Verifications: Of course it’s a good hiring practice to ask for references, but when your internal staff has to manage the task of calling and following up with names, it can be overwhelming. Give the job to Global Verification Network, and we’ll enable your HR team to focus on more important work.

Screening Services

The only thing worse than making a bad hire is knowing you could have done something to avoid it. Global Verification Network offers custom screening services that allow you to vet potential hires and potential renters so that you don’t hire someone who will sabotage your goals.

Drug Testing: Global Verification Network can handle all the logistics, scheduling reporting and billing for drug testing, helping you identify drug-related workplace problems before they start. Our convenient upfront drug testing empowers you to avoid the lost productivity and other workplace concerns caused by employee drug use.

Employment Screening: Know whom you’re hiring with our employment screening services, designed to pinpoint the right person for a job. By taking the time to vet candidates thoroughly ahead of time, you can save yourself the costly, frustrating hassles of constant turnover.

Tenant Screening: You don’t have to be a landlord long to learn the horrors of deadbeat renters. Save yourself this painful experience by screening potential tenants upfront. Global Verification Network conducts thorough background check services and screenings in order to give you good intel on which renters you can trust.

Records Services

Our customized record-checking services help you root out potential issues before they occur. To help you make prudent business decisions, we offer:

Criminal Record Services: Find out right away if a potential hire has a criminal record. Through our criminal background checks, we help inform your hiring decisions, not to mention reduce business risks for white-collar crime, theft or negligent-hiring lawsuits.

Driver Record Services: Whenever you’ll be hiring someone to drive on behalf of your business, you want to thoroughly examine his or her driving record. We can investigate past tickets, accidents and other driving-related issues on your behalf.

Background and Investigative Services

Give your Louisville business a much-needed asset when deciding about hires, collaborations and more. We offer background and investigative services catered to your company’s needs.

Background Checks: Prevent bad hiring decisions by letting us research a candidate’s background before you make a job offer. We can find out if provided information is accurate and verify whether or not a person is being forthright.

Due Diligence Searches: Through our global-screening services, we offer information on mergers, acquisitions, lending decisions and other activities in which business intelligence is important. When you’re armed with the right info, you don’t have to feel like business deals are a matter of chance.

What to Expect When You Work With Global Verification Network

Here in Louisville, Global Verification Network is committed to providing a powerful, positive, useful screening experience to every client. When you work with us, expect customized screening services catered to you, whether that includes background checks, record services or drug testing.

Why Work with Global Verification Network?

There are a lot of benefits that come from choosing our company as your verification provider. For one thing, we don’t take shortcuts — we conduct every screening, check or verification thoroughly, so it gets done correctly the first time. What’s more, we offer a staff of talented professionals, cutting-edge technology and efficient systems that allow us to deliver some of the finest screening services available. Some of the key perks of choosing us include:

  • A single point of contact throughout your process
  • All team members certified in Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) standards
  • Durable technology that is scalable and adaptable to you
  • Lean processes for better efficiency
  • Fast checks and screenings
  • Information to empower your business decisions
  • Fewer mistakes in hiring

Interested in learning more about working with us? Want to know how we can help your Louisville business improve its systems? Contact us today!

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