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Philadelphia Verification, Screening & Records Services

What started as a close-knit group of accountants that performed due-diligence examinations nationwide, Global Verification Network has quickly grown into a trusted organization that higher learning institutions, corporate employers and leasing companies turn to when they want to assess a candidate’s job worthiness or criminal background. Financial institutions, landlords, government and healthcare facilities enlist our services on a daily basis. We approach each job with the same due diligence and respect that we always have, customizing each search or investigation to suit your Philadelphia company’s individual needs.

Verification Services

It’s nice to think that a potential employee would never misrepresent himself/herself, but the unfortunate truth is that financial hardship can force even the most honest people into a desperate situation that clouds his/her judgment. The need to get ahead in an academic, or financial capacity has forced students to lie about their educations, and jobseekers to fabricate former occupations. If an employer hires someone under false pretenses, the employer may be subjected to a costly negligent-hiring lawsuit, as well as a damaged reputation. We’re equipped to help you avoid such an oversight.

  • Education

When grads are fresh out of school, they’re often tempted to pad their resumes just a little. Whether they include extra-curricular activities they never tried, or an alma mater they never attended, these types of misrepresentations can be costly to your company in the long run. We can verify GPA, and double-check graduation dates and more.

  • International

Our reach spans nearly 200 countries, on every continent besides Antarctica. If your company hires outside of the U.S., you can take advantage of credit screenings, employment verification and criminal background checks to learn more about potential hires overseas.

  • License and Certificate

Several professions require their employees to have valid licenses or certificates in order to legally perform their job duties. From engineers to accountants, to massage therapists and social workers, a valid and up-to-date certificate is essential. We’ll check to make sure documents are valid, and are not expired, in addition to determining which states the applicant is licensed.


Screening Services

Research shows that more than half of all job applicants have falsified information on a resume or application. We go a step further than just calling to verify dates of employment, which does little to pinpoint a new hire’s negative behavior patterns. Our specialists may consult former bosses and co-workers to learn what the candidate was like on a daily basis. The same attention to detail applies to our tenant screening process, designed to help ensure that landlords can feel financially sound, and other tenants can feel safe.


  • Drug screening

Employers who unwittingly hire drug users are more likely to deal with job-related injuries, unexplained absences and on-site theft. Our pre-employment drug-screening program utilizes collection site and instant laboratory analysis to identify recent drug use. Urinalysis, hair testing and saliva screening offer more in-depth evaluation that can screen for drug use that occurred up to three months before the test date.

  • Employment

It’s not uncommon for aspiring employees to tweak their resumes a little to better suit the position you want to fill. If you hire these applicants, you run the risk of damaging productivity when they can’t perform as promised on the job.


  • Tenants

For legal and financial reasons, landlords want to make sure that their units are filled with safe and trustworthy tenants. We help you streamline the application, approval and leasing process from start to finish. Applications are compatible with the Fair Credit Reporting Act and e-signature capabilities. Some things we screen include rental history, eviction history, criminal background and employment history.



Records Services


Employers can reduce liability further with our extensive records services. These searches — conducted in alignment with the Fair Credit Reporting Act — can identify anything from a misdemeanor retail theft to bank robbery in a new hire’s history. We can tailor our research to meet the needs of your business, whether you’re hiring a new bank manager, a jewelry store clerk or an after-school tutor.


  • Criminal record services

Protect yourself against potential theft and fraud by conducting a criminal background check on aspiring employees. Our criminal record service scours national, state and local police data to identify offenders that have been arrested within the last seven years, or convicted of any crime in the past. We also carefully consult the National Sex Offender Registry records and the Retail Theft Database to identify candidates that may be liabilities to your company. 

  • Driver record services

If your company is looking to fill a vacancy that involves a lot of driving, you can prevent potential risks with our driver record services. This database uncovers traffic violations and accidents, in addition to any DWI or DUI arrest that still appears on the driver’s record.


Background and Investigative Services

Before making a huge financial leap, turn to our vetting service to get a more in-depth look at potential business partners or hopeful executives that want to join your team. Our research vets every angle, including public records and tax histories to spot red flags. Social media and phone interviews also provide a more personal perspective. To keep your process moving, we can typically produce results in 10 business days or fewer.


What to Expect from Global Verification Network

At Global Verification Network, our experts take pride in handling sensitive information and delivering dependable, consistent results in an efficient time frame that works for you. In addition to thorough and timely research, we guarantee the following:


  • Speedy turnaround time
  • Reliable results
  • 100 percent compliance every time
  • Feel more secure
  • Knowledgeable staff
  • Decades of experience


Benefits of Our Custom Verification and Screening Services

This short-term investment will help you build a reliable and dedicated team, filled with employees that share similar values. The long-term results have a far-reaching effect. They include:


  • Peace of mind
  • Avoid a negligent hiring lawsuit
  • Reduced costs
  • Reduced employee turnover   


Put the future of your Philadelphia business in the hands of a company that puts the value of honesty and integrity first. Call Global Verification Network today. 

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