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Global Verification Network provides professional, thorough and fully compliant background checks and screening solutions for organizations job screening in San Francisco and the surrounding area. In addition, our screening services are fully customized around the needs of each client to maximize the efficiency of the process and accuracy of the results. Our most popular services include: background screening, tenant checks and peer-to-peer screening for social commerce. Global Verification Network is also a leading provider of drug testing, employment screening, criminal record services, and due diligence in the San Francisco market.

Screenings and Record Services in San Francisco

Global Verification Network offers a wide range of screening and record services to organizations throughout the greater San Francisco area — from small, tech startup firms to Fortune 500 companies. Here are some of the specifics on the screening and record services we specialize in:

Verification Services

In the business world we operate in, it is becoming increasingly difficult to put credence in information presented to employers from job candidates or rental applicants — 70 percent of college students said they would lie on a résumé*, professionals frequently claim to have certain licenses or certificates, which in fact, they do not, and personal and professional references may be completely accurate … or complete fictions. Global Verification Network takes the uncertainty out of the equation for San Francisco clients by vetting the information you are given to verify its accuracy.

  • Education Verifications: Did a job candidate actually graduate from San Francisco State University? Is another job applicant reporting accurate information about her educational activities at UCSF? The Global Verification Network team will verify this data so you can make hiring decisions based on facts rather than guesswork or hunches.
  • International Verifications: Many Bay Area companies do business on a global basis and review job applications from all over the world. Global Verification Network is an excellent resource for such firms, because we provide verification services in 195 countries spread across six continents. Rather than utilize separate firms for U.S. and international verification, consolidate and streamline your process by working with us.
  • License Verifications: Any profession requiring specific certification or licensure — medical, legal, financial, educational, etc. — is vulnerable to job candidates who will exaggerate or lie about qualifications in order to secure a position. We research applicant claims of licensure and certification to minimize your risk of hiring a candidate who is misrepresenting himself.
  • Reference Verifications: Unburden your internal staff from the dreary (but indispensible) task of checking personal and professional references. Global Verification Network enables you to free the time of your HR personnel to work on business-critical assignments, while we run down references to the finest detail.


Screening Services

Nothing saps the will of an organization like a bad employee. Nothing drains the profitability of residential real estate property like un-rent worthy tenants. Our custom screening services help San Francisco area businesses and landlords identify employees and/or tenants they would not want, using a process customized around the specific needs of their organization.

  • Drug Testing: Help your company avoid lost productivity and potentially devastating workplace problems caused by employee drug use, through drug testing done conveniently upfront. Global Verification Network is a single source for drug testing in San Francisco, with the ability to handle all the logistics, scheduling, results reporting and billing on your behalf.
  • Employment Screening: Hiring the wrong person creates tension in the organization and leads to expensive, productivity draining turnover. Use our employment screening services to find the right candidate for the job from the start and keep morale and productivity in high gear.
  • Tenant Screening: By conducting thorough tenant background checks and screening, you will save yourself massive headaches and costs brought on by deadbeat renters — who often generate far more in legal fees and eviction efforts than they would ever pay in rent. With our tenant screening in San Francisco, Global Verification Network helps you fill your properties with good tenants, quickly and easily.


Records Services

Checking a person’s records is a prudent business decision — it identifies potential problems before they become unmitigated disasters. Global Verification Network conducts San Francisco criminal records search and record checking through an easy and fully customized process. Here are some of the most widely used record services we offer to San Francisco area clients:

  • Criminal Record Services: Our accurate, thorough criminal background checks help you avoid hiring the wrong person, not to mention reducing your exposure to theft, white-collar crime, violence and negligent-hiring lawsuits.
  • Driver Record Services: For companies employing drivers, a thorough record check is a must. Find out about past tickets, accidents and other problems by utilizing Global Verification Network driver record services.


Background and Investigative Services

Based on your company’s unique needs and verification industry best practices, Global Verification Network provides background and investigative services to put Bay Area hiring and collaboration decisions on a firm foundation.

  • Background Checks: Protect yourself from bad hires by utilizing our comprehensive background check services to pick the best candidates for job openings. We’ll help you determine whether the information you’re given is accurate, and whether an employee comes to you as advertised or is being less than forthright.
  • Due Diligence Searches: Our in-house investigators use global-screening services to supply you with information relevant to mergers, acquisitions, lending decisions and other activities where business intelligence is paramount. Arming yourself with the right information means taking the guesswork out of high-stakes business deals.


What to Expect with Global Verification Network Services

Our office is committed to providing a positive screening experience to each organization we serve and every background check in San Francisco. You can expect a personalized, customized screening solution perfectly suited to your needs for screening services, verification services, background checks or records services.

Benefits of Working with Global Verification Network

Working with Global Verification Network means working with a company that does screening the right way, not the easy way. We don’t take shortcuts! Through a combination of talented personnel, sophisticated technology and efficient processes, we’re able to provide screening services that are unmatched. Consider the benefits of using our team to help your San Francisco organization with its screening needs:

  • Single point of contact throughout the process
  • Only company in the country where every team member is certified in Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) standards
  • Scalable, durable, adaptable technology
  • Lean methodologies
  • Faster checks and screenings
  • Less costly business decisions
  • Fewer mistakes in hiring

Interested in learning more about Global Verification Network and how we can help your San Francisco business? Contact us today.

* *Source: Accu-Screen, Inc., ADP, The Society of Human Resource Managers, 2012.

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