Colette Pomella

Director of Operations & Investigations

Colette Pomella joined Global Verification Network in 2013 after several years of progressive experience in the insurance fraud and claims investigation field. She previously graduated from Western Illinois University with a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Administration. Days after graduation, Ms. Pomella began an internship with Factual Photo Inc., a private investigations company. Two months later, she was hired as a full time private investigator, conducting field and in-house investigations. After a year in this role, she transitioned into claims investigations as an Investigator at Sedgwick CMS in the Special Investigation Unit (SIU). There, she conducted investigations in workers’ compensation, general liability and auto liability claims. She later became a Senior Investigator at Sedgwick CMS where she trained investigators, managed a portfolio of work, and handled high-level investigations and investigative background checks. Ms. Pomella joined Global in 2013 and has been promoted twice in just under 2 years. As a testament to her business and investigative acumen, Ms. Pomella now serves as the Director of Operations, overseeing all of the day to day operations of Global Verification Network’s team of in-house investigators.

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