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Screen With Confidence Around the Globe

For employers that need to confirm references and credentials for individuals from outside the United States, international verification services provide critical information.

As an employer, you have exacting requirements for filling key positions to meet industry regulations and protect your organization from unacceptable risk levels. With an international background check, you can verify information supplied by permanent employees, temporary workers, employment candidates and others.

You may have a name, home address, educational institution, previous employers and other information for a candidate. Within the United States, you would contact previous employers and colleges to confirm the provided credentials. However, you may not know the process for performing a background check through international channels.

In addition to confirming information provided on applications and resumes, most employers understand the importance of conducting international criminal background checks to protect their employees, vendors and customers. With international employees or employment candidates, the process of confirming criminal history can pose challenges. Foreign status for driver’s licenses and driving records also may be difficult to obtain.

Global Verification Network has specialized experience in providing effective and thorough global background checks. Using country-specific protocols, our researchers retrieve public records from around the world and report the results to you, meeting your requirements for information privacy and security.

Mission-Critical Information Through International Employment Verification

Why is an international background check for employment so important? If your organization seeks talented candidates from outside the United States or operates in multiple countries, international applicant background checks should become a permanent part of your hiring process.

The most accurate method for ensuring that an international candidate has the necessary experience, education and skills for your organization is working with a reputable company that provides international background check services.

When candidates have lived and worked in other countries, finding accurate information can present obstacles. Global Verification Network saves your organization valuable time and effort by researching and verifying details provided by international candidates.

In some countries, verifications can be extremely difficult if not impossible for human resources personnel without specialized knowledge and experience. Countries have varying procedures for verifying information; court systems and required record keeping also can differ significantly.

Benefits of International Verification Services

Employers benefit from working with Global Verification Network to verify international credentials by:

  • Making the best hires by confirming important details about employment and education.
  • Reducing the risks introduced by hiring individuals without appropriate licensing or credentials for specific industries.
  • Protecting customers, vendors and employees by reducing the chances of hiring an international candidate with an unacceptable criminal history.
  • Reducing the risk of conflicts of interest for senior management candidates.
  • Decreasing the required time and expense of verifying credentials and making hires.


Why Work With Global Verification Network?

As an experienced international background check company, Global Verification Network understands the stringent requirements for hiring international candidates while adhering to industry best practices and regulations. Our researchers also have significant experience in navigating the different court systems and methods of maintaining criminal records around the globe.

We provide a full range of international screening solutions all over the world, with screening services in 195 countries on six continents. Regardless of the location of your candidates, Global Verification Network customizes a screening program that meets your unique global needs and objectives.

Experience the same high-quality, compliant and secure background checks — no matter where in the world your candidate is located. Global Verification Network always obtains information from primary source repositories — so you receive the most accurate and up-to-date information. You get privacy and consent forms in the language of the company being searched, detailed reporting and the unmatched expertise of our international professionals.

Our comprehensive international verification services include:

  • Employment screenings to verify dates of employment, job responsibilities and titles, compensation and circumstances surrounding employment termination. We also can confirm a candidate’s service on boards of directors to identify conflicts of interest.
  • Educational screenings to verify academic credentials and information — including institutions attended, areas of study and degrees earned.
  • Professional license checks to verify professional credentials, certifications, memberships and licenses.
  • International reference checks to provide information on a candidate’s professionalism, work habits and behavior.
  • Driving history screenings to verify a candidate’s driving record and licensing status.


Contact Global Verification Network for International Verifications

For employers seeking international employment candidates, mistakes can be costly. Hiring the wrong individual for a position can damage your reputation, harm morale and introduce unacceptable risk into your organization.

By choosing us as your international verification services company, you gain a reputable partner with the experience and knowledge to navigate complex background screening protocols that vary significantly among countries. To learn more about our international background screening services, please fill out the form below.

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