Changing Your Background Check Process To Help Fight Labor Shortages

As U.S. employers continue to struggle with ongoing labor shortage challenges due to a combination of factors, such as inflation, a likely recession and demographic shifts due to an aging population, the labor market has slowed significantly.

That means that the labor shortage of 2023 could linger for several years to come, leaving employers in a position where they may not feel that they can be as selective and proactive during the hiring process, which could translate to conducting fewer essential background checks.

Why Is It So Hard to Find Employees Right Now?

There is plenty of debate among industry experts as to what is causing the tight labor market and labor shortage in 2023. Numerous short-term factors may be at play, such as ongoing health concerns related to COVID-19. However, there are other long-range variables, including:

  • An aging population with lower levels of replacement through reproduction and immigration
  • A surge in early retirements among Baby Boomer and Generation X populations
  • A steady decline of men participating in the workforce
  • A population with a criminal record
  • Ongoing phenomena such as the Great Resignation and the Great Reshuffle

As the U.S. continues to struggle to fill roles across the country, employers are weighing their options in terms of conducting background checks that shed light on issues like employees with a criminal background. Not only do you need to know that someone has a criminal history, but you also need to know the nature and timeline of the issue to better inform you of an individual’s current viability as a reliable candidate.

How Can You Conduct Background Checks During a Labor Shortage?

If you are considering changing the way your organization conducts background checks amid a tight labor market, you aren’t alone. Some employers are reevaluating and revamping their approach to this vital practice, and you can do the same and stop scrambling to fill positions while still providing peak protection to your business, employees and customers.

By pivoting on your background screening strategy, you can expand and improve your talent pool, finding better-qualified candidates who are a stronger fit for your company culture.

Here are a few additional benefits of refining your background check process during a labor shortage in some crucial ways:

  • Streamlining your background screening efforts by working with a professional verification company with front-end technology can speed up the process to ensure you don’t lose a candidate waiting for the results.
  • Making background checks a core pillar of your brand can help ease candidates’ minds and help them feel less self-conscious about the scrutiny, leading to a better candidate experience. Knowing an employee screening is a part of your organization’s culture and is something everyone feels good about doing for a general sense of security makes the process less daunting.

GVN Conducts Background Checks to Help You Overcome the Labor Shortage

Our team of professionals can help you achieve your hiring goals without sacrificing conducting an enlightening background check. We quickly and accurately provide the most in-depth and up-to-date information about your top candidates, giving you a full picture of the individual to avoid any undisclosed issues that could harm your brand.

Contact us to learn more about Global Verification Network’s approach, using accurate data sources and proven research methods to provide quick and insightful information with fairness and respect to everyone involved.