Do Companies Check Degrees?

Are you verifying degrees during your hiring process? Many of your applicants are gambling that you won’t. Inflating educational credentials remains an irresistible prospect to some applicants.

Research has found that more than half of people falsify their resumes, and much of the untrue information falls under the category of education. Many employers do conduct an education background check — typically through a third-party screening firm.

Value of Degrees Encourages Dishonesty

As the job market has become increasingly competitive, even lower-level positions can require at least an associate’s or bachelor’s degree. Even for individuals who have earned degrees, advancing within a company may require having a certain degree or level of education. As a result, educational credentials listed on a resume matter now more than ever.

It should come as no surprise, then, that such a significant percentage of job applicants would consider exaggerating their academic accomplishments — or even flat-out lying about them. For many candidates, embellishing the truth on a resume is an acceptable risk, since the offense typically is not illegal. In many cases, the harshest possible penalty is losing a job.

The Problem of Diploma Mills

In addition to fabricating credentials, another form of education fraud is diploma mill scams. The U.S. Higher Education Opportunity Act defines diploma mills as companies that offer educational degrees or certificates that individuals can purchase. Acquiring such a degree requires no academic effort by the purchaser.

Degrees from diploma mills are not legitimate, and the companies are not accredited educational institutions. Students are told they can earn a degree based on their life experience, and individuals desperate for a job may fall prey to the scam.

Diploma mills constantly change and expand, and employers should be aware that an educational achievement might seem legitimate — even if a candidate did not do the work to earn it.

Educational Background Checks Are Critical

Almost 70 percent of employers in the United States conduct criminal background checks as part of the hiring process. Many still fail to conduct education verification background checks for applicants’ claims about educational achievements, but that’s changing as the problem of resume fraud increases.

By using degree verification services, employers can spot applicants who exaggerate or lie about their degrees and other educational qualifications. As a result, employers avoid the most dishonest individuals and reduce the risk of later legal actions for negligent hiring.

With more than six decades of experience in consumer reporting, Global Verification Network works with employers, real estate agents, landlords and others to verify credentials and gauge suitability for employment. We offer degree verification services as part of our comprehensive screening solutions.

For employers and others who require education verification, we can provide a comprehensive range of information, including the awarding of a degree or diploma, the field in which the degree was awarded, the completion date, and the name of the official organization providing accreditation.

To learn more about our services or to request a quote for an education background check, please contact Global Verification Network today.

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