Tips For Background Checks Outside The US

Across numerous industries, workforce globalization has heralded new opportunities to bring in talented team members. For companies hiring international workers, comprehensive background checks protect against costly personnel errors.

If you are interviewing candidates who were born, received their education or have worked in a country other than the United States, you may encounter challenges as you attempt to confirm biographical information. For some hiring managers, verifying criminal background, educational attainment and employment status for foreign candidates can become so cumbersome that they avoid the process altogether.

Despite the obstacles, international background checks are a critical component in hiring qualified, competent applicants who have studied or worked abroad. If you plan to incorporate international background checks into your hiring process, consider these tips to ensure that you adhere to best practices.

Design Your Program Appropriately

Before you implement international background checks, take time to design your program for fairness, security, privacy and consistency. The specific types of checks you conduct may vary by employment position, applicant and country. However, by maintaining consistent standards, you can establish a program that is respected by all your global contacts.

Creating logical, consistent requirements also helps you ensure compliance with all country- and industry-specific guidelines and regulations, providing additional protection for your organization.

Understand Local Requirements and Culture

Every country has its own procedures and protocols for collecting and transmitting background check information. Various laws and regulations that protect applicants’ privacy also can make the international screening process more difficult.

In addition, understanding the culture and politics of a region can be just as important as becoming familiar with local laws. Your hiring process will benefit from developing a working understanding of the countries from which you intend to hire.

Choose a Reputable, Experienced Partner

If you intend to work with a background screening provider for international employment verification, international degree verification and related services, choose a company with the experience to provide the results you require. Select a reliable, reputable partner with established international resources and significant knowledge of local laws and customs.

Gain Access to the Latest Search Technologies

The age and efficacy of technology used by your background screening partner will, in large part, dictate the quality of the information you receive. In addition, having access to the most up-to-date technologies can significantly impact the time it takes to deliver the data you need. By using the newest available search technologies, you maximize privacy, security and consistency.

Secure Advance Candidate Consent

Many countries require that candidates consent in advance to background screenings and disclosure of certain personal information. Work with a trusted provider to ensure that you receive candidate consent in the format in which various countries require it. In some cases, authorities mandate hard-copy signatures rather than electronic signatures. Further, required forms sometimes must be provided in the native language of a specific country.

Verify Education and Employment

Education and employment constitute two of the most important types of information in the international candidate screening process. International degree verification should include educational institutions attended, fields of study, degrees attained and any additional professional certifications earned. International employment verification should include information such as the name and industry of the employer, dates employed, positions held and reasons for termination.

Confirm Candidate-Provided Information

Many candidates will embellish their resumes or provide false information — especially in competitive hiring situations. As part of any background check outside the United States, you should try to verify as much candidate-provided information as possible. Ensuring resume accuracy helps you establish that candidates are qualified for a position within your organization and can reveal when a candidate has been dishonest during the application process.

Why Choose Global Verification Network?

As organizations continue to develop international workforces, hiring managers and human resources teams need enhanced screening procedures that account for the challenges of verifying country-specific data.

Global Verification Network has more than six decades of experience in providing valuable candidate screening information to employers. Our comprehensive international background check process includes degree and employment verification across six continents and 195 countries. Wherever your candidates are located, Global Verification Network can provide a customized screening program to meet your business objectives.

To find out more about our suite of international screening solutions or to request a quote for background checks to be conducted outside the United States, please contact Global Verification Network.